Philippine Daily Inquirer Article, Saturday, June 5, 2010


In today's edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (June 5, 2010), one of the headlines in the front page entitled "7 of 10 Metro folk favor gun ban extension" discusses what transpired during the National Firearms Control Program Consultative Summit held yesterday, June 4, 2010, at Camp Crame. The article covers several aspects of what was tackled during the summit. Of particular interest was the outrageous pronouncements made by Mr. Christopher Punla of Total Progun Coalition (aka GENCOP). Posted below is an excerpt from said newspaper article of Mr. Punla's declaration during the summit. You be the judge of how ridiculous and idiotic his pronouncements were. Clearly, his assertion was meant to discredit and ridicule the other genuine pro-gun advocacy groups and paint the picture that we are a bunch of zany blood thirsty paranoid war freaks. It is very obvious that he was put in place to sow confusion amongst the summit delegates and the general public. The intention of our adversaries is to destroy us from within so that they may move forward with their anti-gun agenda. What a bunch of goddamn f%#@&ng socialist hippies.



It is a very sad day indeed

It is a very sad day indeed for the gun community. Instead of helping each other against a common enemy, one of our own shooters who even owns a gun store, has turned JUDAS on us and stabbed us in the back. We were sold out for thirty pieces of silver. What did he get in return? Perhaps more connections with the PNP, speedier approvals for his imports and licensing, etc. But at what cost? He sold US OUT, his brothers-in-arms.

Treachery is one of the most henious of all crimes. I never really understood why people would betray and sell out their compatriots and comrades. Treachery goes against the most basic of values: Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty. The traitor is the exact opposite of these values. He is a dishonest person, Corrupt, and unfaithful. If we would examine traitors, we would most certainly see that they are these type of people.

Falsus in unos falsus in omnibus. If a person is false at the beginning, nothing that he says from then on shall be considered as true. In other words, the traitor has no credibility; he is a fundamental liar.

Being labeled as a traitor is worse than getting the death penalty. WIth the death penalty punishment is swift and sure. However, for the traitor the stigma is LIFELONG. Everywhere you go, speak, or show up, people will know who you are, not trust you, give you strange looks of scorn, and will no longer want to be associated with you. As for business, the traitor's name and reputation is ruined for who would want to do business with a dishonest, corrupt, and untrustworthy person?  Baka pati pera mo traidorin ka! Mahirap na.

I feel sorry for the traitor. He may have gotten away briefly. Naka-isa siya ngayon. But as he will soon see, his punishment will be lifetime.