Official response to Senate Bill No. 129

PROGUN has released an official response to Senate Bill No. 129. You can read it here. Please disseminate it as widely as possible.


cc: to Sen. Drilon

It would be nice if we sent our sentiments to Sen. Drilons Blog.

Personal delivery

Oh we intend to do better than that. This letter will be delivered to him personally. :)

You Wanna join us? :)

In accordance with OH Gov.

In accordance with OH Gov. John Kasich, reform of the state's CBA is necessary. I found this here: Ohio public workers protest collective barganining reform reports that this has failed to endear Gov. Kasich to supporters of organized labor in the state. Approximately 1,800 protestors showed up at the OH Statehouse in Columbus in order to voice their displeasure of Senate Bill 5, which would radically alter collective bargaining rights.