This is an official PROGUN statement.

It has come to our attention late last week that there will be a signing of a Joint Resolution on 18 August 2010 by the PNP and certain invited stakeholders, regarding the implementation of new and more stringent gun control measures. These new measures in the form of PNP Circulars, will make it more difficult and add to the burden of obtaining licensing and permits to carry firearms.

The Joint Resolution states that these stricter measures were purportedly agreed upon among the firearms stakeholders and the PNP during the last Firearms Summit in June 2010. This is not true. The truth is that there was no consultation with the stakeholders and NGO's regarding the imposition of these new stricter gun control measures. In fact, PROGUN even walked out of the Firearms Summit since it was clear that the proceedings were being railroaded to suit the anti-gun agenda of Chief PNP General Jesus Verzosa.

These measures apply only to legitimate firearms holders but have no effect whatsoever on criminals. Neither one man nor the PNP should engage in such improper legislation; such policies should best be left to Congress to decide.

None of the genuine stakeholders were allowed to attend or participate in the so-called post summit technical working group. Instead the post-summit technical working group was composed of PNP personnel themselves, and a few of their friendly supporters such as the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) and Perry Punla of Countermeasures.

We therefore do not recognize these new PNP Circulars on gun control as being the product of public consultation as is claimed by the Chief PNP. While gun ownership is currently still a privilege, the power to regulate gun ownership must not be exercised in an arbitrary, discriminatory, and confiscatory manner. Gun ownership is a property right like no other which is entitled to protection under the law. Moreover, the right to life, liberty, and property and the enjoyment of our freedoms are Constitutional Rights which may not be trifled by whomsoever happens to be in power.

Consequently, PROGUN opposes and denounces the new Anti-gun PNP Circulars dated 3 July (No. 08-2010), and  18 August series of 2010 issued by the Chief PNP.


Deeper issues surrounding the Joint Resolution

Bakit na lang laging kami???

I am sick with fever and cough. I cough like a full automatic ak47, only to realize that the PNP is up to something again. SIR BAKIT NIYO BA KAMI PINAGIINITAN??  Kasalanan ba namin kung mahilig kami sa baril? How many cases involving crimes against property and persons are being committed with licensed firearms? Ilan ba talaga? hindi niyo masabi kasi wala kayong data? Ayan meron kami gamitin nyo, pero i credit nyo sa amin kami ang may gawa nyan. Bakit kami na naman ang gusto nyong pahirapan. Bakit hindi nyo habulin ang mga gun smuggler, mga nagbebenta ng sandata ng pamahalaan, mga tiwaling pulis at sundalo na nagbebenta ng armas sa kalaban... etc....WHY US PEACEFUL RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS? dahil alam nyo susunod kami???? Hindi ba dapat magtulungan tayo para sa ikakaunlad ng ating bayan? sa promotion ng peace & order at human rights? Bakit tayo ang nagbabangayan? Bakit niyo kami inaaapi ng husto? General Versoza, sir, you are about to go, why not leave it to your successor to deal with this concerns? In fact wala namang concerns sa firearms, lalung lalo na sa civilian ownership, bakit pilit nyong pinahihirap? Parang awa nyo na po, irespeto po ninyo sana kami tulad ng ginawa naming pagsuporta sa iyong leadership as PNP Chief. General Bacalzo, ikaw na ang susunod sa trono ng PNP sana naman ay wag na kayong pumayag na ipairal ang kadududang ang napakahigpit na patakaran sa pagmamayari ng baril na isinusulong ni General Versoza. General Versoza, sir, maganda po ang legacy ninyo sa PNP huwag niyo pa sanang dungisan pa sa pagsusulong ng mga nabanggit na napakahigpit na patakaran sa pagma-may-ari at pagdadala ng baril. SALUDO PO KAMI SA INYO, pero sa bagay na ito, PARANG AWA NA NINYO PO, HUWAG NAMAN PO KAMI NA LANG ANG PINAHIHIRAPAN NIYO, pahirapan naman ninyo ang mga kriminal na magkaroon ng baril. Sila naman, please.

The Real Reason for stricter Gun Control

Why are the PNP clamping down on the licensed gun owners and not the criminals?

1. Stricter gun control regulations is a PUBLIC RELATIONS maneuver for the PNP. Whenever there is a crime wave that cannot be solved and the criminals cannot be caught, it is much easier for the PNP to declare stricter gun control measures as knee jerk reaction. A gun ban is easy to impose; all it requires is a stroke of the pen. It would deliver instant results for the public which is itching to see that the crimes are solved. Since the Police oftentimes cannot solve these crimes immediately, or at all, a gun ban delivers  instant and tangible results thus misleading the public into a A FALSE SENSE of resolution of the crime, when in fact nothing is resolved.

2. Clamping down in on licensed gun owners is better for business. The police do not earn from fighting crime and catching criminals. Rather, they earn from corrupt practices in regulation of firearms, security agencies/ guards, wherein fees are charged. The more difficult the requirements, the more red tape, the more people will be unwilling to go through the regular process, consequently the fixers enter the picture to "facilitate" the application process. The more requirements, the higher the "lagay" = more income for the higher ups who control the whole business.

3. The stricter gun control measures are a result of FOREIGN PRESSURE. Foreign governments which are know to be anti-gun such as Japan, Australia, and the EU, and the United Nations equate gun control with greater development. Their logic is the more gun control, the more development for the country. Thus FOREIGN AID is released to the Philippine Government only in exchange for MORE STRICT GUN CONTROL MEASURES. Thus, unless the Chief PNP enacts greater gun control rules, the PNP will not be granted its funding for their projects (UN funded) and "model" police stations (Japan Funded), and modernization and development (stated in the PNP Position Paper). More foreign aid also means more income for the generals to skim off the top. Hence, personal gain is also a factor here, by way of Euros.