odd but earth-shaking quips during the consultation for the freshly signed gun law

odd yet earth-shaking quips during the consultation on the freshly signed gun law:

1. The constitution should enshrine each citizen's right to protect himself, the people he loves and innocent, helpless third parties who at that clitical instance had no one to assist them;

2. It is the obligation of every armed citizen to respond to the country's need in the event of foreign aggression and/or local terrorism;

3. The law abiding armed citizen must guarantee the continuity of his God given and Law recognized rights and must guard against the lingering lust of politicians towards authoritarianism and dictatorship.


1. It is the individual who must qualify for ownership based on competence and compliance with societal norms of good conduct and social responsibility.

2. Qualified individuals need not seek clearance to purchase any firearm wherein the state has recognized his/her competence.

3. Every legally purchased firearm need only be registered in a person's name once and that until and unless he/she has given notice of it's loss, transfer or lack of control over with; said firearm shall be deemed in his possession and responsibility.

4. A 50 rounds limit is absurd and pointless. If every armed citizen is morally and legally bound to defend his/her country in time of need, how the hell does he fight, much more survive with 50 rounds. In fact every armed citizen must be enjoined to stock up on military grade arms and ammunition.

5. Citizens must be encouraged to organize themselves and train in unison as militias prepared to respond to a legitimate call from government.

GUN OWNERSHIP SHOULD BE ENSHRINED AS A RIGHT AND ANY ATTEMPT TO CURTAIL IT AS A PRIVILEGE IS A DE-SERVICE TO BOTH HUMANITY AND COUNTRY (i suggest they are shot with pellets till they relent . . . . tingin ninyo bros and sisters?)

out of line

di ko alam minsan kung matatawa ako o maiinis . . .

. . . napakahalaga ng paksang pinag-uusapan bago may sisingit (sa kainitan pa ha!) ng mga . . . .

> may balita na ba sa PTT?
> magkano PTCOR
> kailan gun ban

N I E T A ! ! ! ! (nagda-drugs ba kayo bro?)


The term "earthshaking" fails miserably to describe these. Game changing? Whatever, it's just incredible that such topics even came up. Makes one sigh and wonder.

karapatan mo yan

kung gusto mong limitahan ang sarili mo sa pagtatanggol sa sarili mo at pamilya mo . . . pribelehiyo mo yan bro.

kung sakasakali palang may magtangka muling pamahalaan ng lagim ang bansa natin o kaya'y sakupin ng dayuhan ay hindi ka namin maaasahan.

ayos lang . . . at least ngayon pa lamang ay malinaw na.


@mandaragit: Bro! you misinterpreted my comment. 1000% ako sa sinasabi mo! Parang impossible sa mga panahon ngayon. Pero sana, sana lang maging totoo!


Yes ako!

First off mandaragit I agree totally with what your wrote.  I offer one comment to everyone here on this forum and this website...are the laws this terrible because we are...or are not doing enough for ourselves?  I again raise this question...can a million or so gun owners both legitimate and those deemed in violation of the law because they cannot afford to legitimize their weapons be ignored if they stand together demanding a final codified law that finally frees us from government abuse?  I ask you...what are the groups including pro gun doing?  when are we meeting or rallying?  I say we stand up now.  Who is prepared to organize and lead the charge?  Hanggang ngayon hinihintay ko yung announcement for accepting members sa PRO GUN...tigang na tigang na ako sumali?  What's going on?