need advice about owning a gun

anyone can help me about owning a i need license if i only kept it inside the house and what hand gun can you guys recommend??

I may not be the most

I may not be the most qualified to answer this (as I am still looking forward to becoming a responsible gun owner myself), but you would definitely need a permit to carry it ouside of your home (it's called a Permit to Carry Firearms Outside Residence or PTCFOR) which can be applied for in person once you have your license and gun all sorted out. You can do the long-way around to get this (see or you can search on the web for a gun store that can process if t for you. It will be a bit pricey, though, and will form a significant part of your overall expense for your new gun. Which would thus impact your other question, which one to buy? Now, if you set aside price issues, the best one I think is the one you can handle most comfortably and shoot most accurately. Try to visit some established gun stores for advice on hadling and thus selecting one that would meet your needs best. Spending some time on a Range with a potential purchase wouldn't hurt, either.