Meeting with Sen. Gregorio Honasan II


On 12 October 2009, representatives from Progun, PPSA, FAMAP, and UAA had a meeting with Sen. Gregorio Honasan, chairman of the senate committee on public order and safety, regarding HB6776. We informed the good senator about the efforts of some legislators in the lower house to railroad said bill without consultation. We also expressed our strong opposition to the bill. The senator assured us that if and when the bill reaches the senate committee, he will definitely give the firearms stakeholders an opportunity to be heard and that due process and proper procedure will be observed. The senator also indicated that in all probability, HB6776 won't even be tackled in the senate due to time constraints, the senate simply has other more pressing matters to attend to at this point. The senate is currently pre-occupied with budget hearings and most legislators are also busy preparing for the coming elections. In the photo with Sen. Honasan are Rommel Cabungcal of the PPSA, Atty. Jay Mendoza of Progun, Peewee Cruz of UAA and Progun, Gina Angangco of FAMAP and Armscor, and Atty. Ticky Tabujara of UAA and Progun.