Meeting with Cong. Jack Enrile


On 28 September and 6 and 7 October 2009 UAA, PROGUN, and PPSA had a joint meeting with Congressman Juan Ponce "Jackie" Enrile Jr. to strengthen ties among the shooting community. Jack Enrile is President and Founder of PPSA and is a strong supporter of the shooting sports in the Philippines. We sought the support of Jack Enrile to oppose House Bill No. 6776 and Senate Bill No. 3375, to which cause he pledged his full support for our political agenda and our projects. He likewise agreed to fund projects of PROGUN and UAA. Jack Enrile will be returning to congress next year in substitution of his wife who is currently occupying his seat for this term. In this regard, he pledged the support of PPSA in assisting to pass a PRO-GUN AND PRO-AIRSOFT COMPREHENSIVE FIREARMS BILL for the next congressional session. In the photo are (standing) Atty. Ariel Magno (PPSA legal counsel), Googie Allarey (Administrator of Firepower Gun Club), former PPSA President Rommel Cabungcal, (seated) Cong. Jack Enrile, Atty. Ticky Tabujara and Peewee Cruz of the UAA and PROGUN.