The Magic 160

In 1999, then Chief PNP Panfilo Lacson refused to issue PTCFORs to licensed  gun owners and the general public. Instead, in his entire term he issued only about 160 PTCFORs mostly to cronies of ERAP such as Fernando Poe Jr, Atong Ang, Dante Tan, and Mark Jimenez. These lucky persons were known as the "magic 160".

Today 11 years later we still have the issue or selective issuances of firearms permits to civilians. There is no longer any "Magic 160" Today it is more like the "Magic 10". The issue today is no longer cronyism. Rather, the issue today is insensitivity and ignorance.

Is there any correlation between crime rate and the selective issuance of PTCFORs? No. As we can see from our ongoing crime statistics project (here:, the current restrctive issuance of   PTCFORs has absolutely no effect on the crime rate. For the criminals it is business as usual. Shootings, murders, robberies, and kidnappings are still ongoing at an alarming rate.

The Big Question is: What exactly are the police doing to protect the people and solve this crime wave that we are in? They seem to be incapable of resolving the problem, as in fact how many criminals have been caught and jailed doing these crimes? How many criminals have been successfully prosecuted having committing these crimes?

If the police are so efficient and capable as they claim to be in protecting the people from crimes, how come these crimes are still being committed with impunity?

Due to the ongoing gun ban, the general population is now effectively disarmed and living in fear as to when and where the next criminal will strike and who will be the victim. For every one victim henceforth who gets killed, injured, robbed or raped, the blood of these victims shall be on the hands of the Chief PNP, Gen Jesus Verzosa. You are not doing your job of protecting us, and we the taxpayers are paying you to do nothing.


good point sir, I always

good point sir, I always wondering where are my taxes go?...


To Buy EUROS perhaps?