Long Range Rifle and Combat Pistol


I am of Filipino descent (25 when I left the country). I have served in the US military and also as a defense contractor to various locations in the world where the USA is somehow in some way engaged in a conflict. I have made numerous deployments ot Iraq, Afghanistan, and a few others...

I have also been a competitor for quite some time, although not serious as I spend more time doing the real world stuff. I would like to offer my working knowledge as it relates to long range rifle as well as combat pistolcraft. I do know that Filipinos are quite adept in pistol shooting, but very only the privileged few have knowledge of the finer points of long range rifle.

I am also a holster manufacturer, specializing in highly concealable kydex holsters, based in Southern California. My website is - calsentllc.com. If anybody is interested in these holsters, I do have contact in the Philippines.

If anybody want to engage in this topic, I would not mind giving you as much advise as you would like to know.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from any responsible person who believes in the freedom to bear arms.

It is th eresponsibility of anybody who carries a firearm, military, law enforcement, or civilian to be properly trained.


how do we contact the guy? nice holsters!

i dont know if Bro kaluban

i dont know if Bro kaluban cloak registered with PG?He may open a forum there with other experinced Bro as scarcqb then offer his holsters in buy and sell,this will help more of us for the much needed expert advise.