Lance Thomas, a jewelry store owner who refused to be a victim

"The judicial system must never take the right away from citizens to bear arms and defend themselves, but they should cause citizens to be more responsible when evoking that right." - Lance Thomas


Remarkable man

Yes I watched this video a few months ago. A truly remarkable man, this Lance. He had several armed encounters as a watch store keeper, and killed as many robbers in self-defense.

His best statement is summed up in the end: "Do I feel safer? I just wanna feel alive."

"Refuse to be a victim"

That is the right attitude, otherwise predators would prevail.

On the other hand, we were given free will by God.  So you can flee or be submissive.  At the end of the day, it is your choice...your life and that of others.

I take the first choice if I can help it. I have have been the object of several acts of criminal aggression, so enough is enough.  Besides I prefer to die of old age...peacefully.  :-(



I've seen a few similar

I've seen a few similar videos, and it's a shame it's only or usually mostly jewelers in the spotlight as protecting themselves with firearms on the news. One of the best jewelry tools you can have as a jeweler is a pistol.

Take note where the man

Take note where the man himself says that he's trained extensively in the use of his firearms; another vital factor in responsible gun ownership.

Training is key

Yes I agree. Too many people spend lots of money on a firearm and forget about the training. A large part of PROGUN advocacy should be to emphasize training and practice of safe use.

Quick draw

I cannot help but marvel at the speed of his quick draw (which he demonstrated). Amazing.