Is it possible to import a firearm that I already own from abroad?


Hoping someone on here can answer this question. I am a dual-citizenship holding (US/Filipino) balikbayan that was born and raised in the US that recently reverse-migrated my family to Manila. Have been a long-time firearms owner in the US with a nice collection of firearms that I left with my brother (who is still in the US) when we moved. I already understand that, as a Filipino passport holding dual-citizen I can LEGALLY own firearms here in the Philippines. My question it possible to legally import any of the firearms that I already own in the US? Or, is my only option to purchase new firearms here? 

Not looking to bring in my whole collection or anything, I would just be interested in bringing in a couple key handguns. So, is there any legal way to do this? I have read that it is possible to import firearms with PNP/government approval, but it is not clear if this applies to individuals trying to bring in guns that that already own in another country. If it is possible, what is the proper procedure/channel? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to share!