House Bill 5484-Limits to Firearms Ownership

Business Word News, issue Feb 10, 2012, page 11.

The House of Representatives approved on 3rd and final reading HB 5484 limiting the ownership of firearms to 2 types: 1 short arm, and 1 long arm .22 cal.

No other Details have been provided, except that it is to prevent the proliferation of private armies.

Does anyone know the implications of this law, specially on firearms that were previously legally purchased?


...the source is Business World (not Word).

Excerpts from the news:

Meanwhile, HB 5484 provides that only two firearms licenses can be granted to an individual to regulate ownership.

The measure also limits individual ownership to two types of rifles: one short gun and one long .22 caliber.

Muntinlupa City Rep. Rodolfo G. Biazon, author of the bill, said in a phone interview that the bill intends to curb the existence of private armies.

"In the case of [former Maguindanao Governor Andal S.] Ampatuan, he was given 19 licenses. The guns registered under his names were being used by his private army," Mr. Biazon said.

"We only have two hands. What’s the use of several other guns if you can’t even hold them?" he said. 

Once again this bill is

Once again this bill is idiotic, who in their right mind will purchased licensed F.A. and form a private army?? In the case of the Ampatuan Clan most of their high powered weapons are illegal,  for military use only and have the markings of the D.N.D. who sold it to them??

Also one of their (IDIOTIC) reason is to reduce gun related crimes, 99% of gun related crimes involves loose F.A. less than 1% involves licensed F.A., insteaded of making up IDIOTIC, MORONIC, STUPID gun regulation track down illegal gun makers and loose F.A. ( tip to the law enforcers Danao City, Cebu )