Gun Registration= Confiscation?

During the senate hearing last January 2010 Sen. Rodolfo Biazon suggested that due to the proliferation of guns we should return to the one short one long firearm rule, per person. The PNP who were presented wholeheartedly agreed.

So the question was raised what would happen to those gun owners who had excess of one short and one long?

The answer was: they would have to surrender their excess.    P*&^%#@!!!  And he would file a bill to this effect.

Gun registration = gun confiscation?


stupid suggestion that came up from biazon!! hindi ganun ka dali e surender ang mga exess legal FA lalo na kng blood sweat and tears ang pinuhunan ng isang individual pra lamang mkabili ng FA tpos gnun gnun lng nla kukunin...!!? F@CK%^ S@I^....!!  there's no equal justice system here.......

IF EVER this was to come to

IF EVER this was to come to pass, I'd smash the FAs I'd be "surrendering" into uselessness with a sledgehammer right infront of the people tasked with taking them.

You want my hard-earned property? Here, take them in bits in pieces.

Confiscation is outright robbery and pillaging

@DirtDiver I know how you feel but to destroy your own property is not the answer.

We have to make it clear that if the government wants our firearms, they must pay market rates for them. To confiscate without fair compensation is outright robbery and pillaging. This is not the middle ages. We are not peasants in servitude a lord of the manor. We are free people and no-one has the right to take our property without our consent.

Gun confiscation sets the country on a dangerous course. If the government can take your firearm, what else can they take? Your house, your land, and your business? Where will it end?

Confiscation of private property is the act of a tyrant. Thus I would say that consenting to confiscation, even by destroying your firearm, is equal to accepting tyrannical rule.

Keep in mind, though, that unless the government is insanely stupid, they will not simply knock on your front door demanding that you hand over your firearms. Those days have passed. They will now try to do it in the guise of a softer law. Perhaps they'll simply restrict the number of firearms you can legally own e.g. one long, one short; the rest must be 'surrendered'. Recognise this for what it is: theft through the back-door.

No. If the government wants anything that belongs to you, they must pay cash-on-delivery. Once they realise that there is a monetary cost to their actions, they may not be so eager to proceed.

Remember, do not blindly accept their laws. They are made by Man and do not come down from God. If we in the Philippines wish to remain free, we must (peacefully) resist the actions of an overbearing government.


Beautiful truth pare.  Well said.  Damn straight!  If they were to consider paying to get them back they'd never afford our guns.  Stalemate... ;)

Gun confiscation

I will give my gun over your dead cold body

Well said bro!!!

Same with me, over their dead body!!!

Compensation for surrendered FAs

Now that this seems just around the corner,  are we in a position to demand compensation for the cost of the firearms surrendered similar to what they did in South Africa?

However, I understand the the SA gov't is only willing to compensate for weapons that they did not destroy. 

Gun confiscation

For those old enough to 1972-73, Marcos ordered that all "excess guns and those beyond the legal calibers" be "depsited" (a.k.a. surrendered) with out due process nor compensation.  That left us no chouice, but in our case, we DEACTIVATED our surrendered guns.  Who wants a part 2? Will you allow it?

No way!

No way sir and I think neither would's the time to unite and march against tyranny.  Corruption needs a beating. 

i'd rather use it to them

i'd rather use it to them than to be confiscated if they crossed my property line i will really shoot who invades my property

Gun Confiscation and compensation

Probably because no one filed a case in court during Martial Law.  If someone did file a case in high court requesting for just compensation for surrendered arms then this could a an issue because it has precedence.  In South Africa I think the court decision is still pending.

Nobody wants part 2 however if push comes to shove, are we really in a position to chose to allow or disallow it?  I get it is only a case of comply or dont comply with the law.

Anyway, the point is, while we're working on the right to carry arms, I think we should also work on a bottom alternative and that is just compensation for surrendered arms.  Just in case we run out of options and surrender is the only way.

I'm not planning to surrender my firearms

I do not even "plan" for the surrender or a deposit of my firearm(s) why? with all the lawlessness in the ranks of our Government, who can't even follow their own laws e.g. "helmet on a motorbike law" (Cops on a motrobike without helmets and many more) I'd rather just "loose" possesion of my firearm and have one in time of need, I simply do not trust a Government disabling firearms ownership, this is our only deterrence to a Government that wants a dictatorship.

I'm also against a Government who cannot even trust their own people, the American revolution could have not been achieve with firearms control.

Let us not make history repeat itself, we should learn from it and fight for what we believe in.

I will keep my GUNS because I have worked hard to buy them!!!!

Screw Biazon and all other anti-gun politicians! They are just jealous about us civilians being armed and ready to defend ourselves. Why? They wanna take away our arms so they can easily bully and manipulate us. F_ck these animals! Bullcrap!

i work hard to improve the security of my family and society

to people out there who work hard to propose this and other anti gun proposal move..please dont wait one of this days one of your love one's get killed. beacause you have prevented them to bring gun and protect there life.. i hope you wont live and see this happen to your family...

anti guns advocates

Recently, may nangyaring holdapan na involved ang isang taga ABS-CBN ( anti gun sila di ba?). Nabaril sya dahil ayaw nyang ibigay ang kanyang bag na may lamang 3 cellphones. 

Sa pagkakataong iyong sana naisip nya na sa panahong ito, kailangan din nya na magdala ng baril (sa legal na paraan) para maipagtanggol nya ang kangyang kaligtasan.


Another bad bill

No No way, How would a good senator with such background in Military Service who knows more about guns than I do passed such bill .Para lang tayo pinakuha nang bato para ipukol sa sariling ulo!  Naman.

Bill passed 3rd reading, what now?

It seems we underestimated the old man. His Bill passed 3rd reading in congress. What's our next move?

Legalized Theft?

We all know that those confiscated FAs will land in the hands of those corrupt law enforcers. They will sell them in the black market...and it goes back to the hands of the criminals. Why can't they say, "the government will buy back those firearms?" - Anyone can recommend that kind of law...the Marcos law....1 handgun and 1 rifle....when the people stormed Malacanan Palace, they found a lot of guns that belonged to Marcos...the guy who implemented the law was the first one to break it. I bet you, Biazon will be the first one to break these rules if they ever get approved by the senate. He may own a lot of firearm in his home...LOL.

Same page boys...

Glad we're on the same page.  Take 'em from me...or take 'em in bits and pieces.  Ano akala nila?  Makaka-libre sila ng mga magagandang baril at our expense.  Because they can't do their jobs to protect us?  If we lived in Utopia there'd be no need for guns...but Heaven is far away and the criminals and terrorists are close by.  Do the math diba?  Hopefully we can rally behind Pro Gun and tell the congress and senate to their faces their laws are unacceptable and that we reject them. 

My 2 cents...

Gents,  It's about time we make our own threats.  How many gunowners are there who fall into this category?  Can you imagine the power of a unified stand?  Can you imagine all of us we won't follow the law you just passed.  You won't pay for our guns then you can't have them.  United we could make a difference.  They going to put us all in jail?  They're not stupid.  They know that they are treading a fine line between civil obediance and civil unrest.  To take my guns away is unconstitutional.  It's theft.  If we stand firm and say no...they have no choice but to either listen and give in or come in by force...if it's force rest assured you're not alone and the starving masses are also looking for an excuse to burn this mother down.  They need to rethink their actions.  Let's force them to actually use their brains logically and rethink...

The process to gun

The process to gun registration is simple on the exterior. You narrate stay as the demand is reviewed, get your product and then you're in advertising.


As an update, the new law RA 10591 allows unlimited ownership of any number of firearms per gun owner. That's good. However, as long as you pay the license fees which are very high and still being discussed.