God's Gonna Cut You Down

Now for some light diversion from our usual coverage :)

God's Gonna Cut You Down, by the great Johnny Cash. If you like the song, you can find the music video here:



Too many accesories?

As I said in the progun Facebook forum, I was wondering why they need all those bells and whistles on their rifles, when the same job could be accomplished with a plain and simple stock M16? Essentially, that's what they are using, right? Adding all those accessories simply adds excessive weight to an otherwise armaLITE. Looks cool maybe, but I don't see the utility - and I'm sure those insurgents and jihadists in Iraq or Afghanistan don't either.

Tacticool versus practical

I also like keeping things simple. For me, the thing should do its job well out of the box. The only 'accessories' I like spending money on are spare magazines!

A weapons light is useful though. After all, if it's too dark to see what you're shooting at, how can you be sure to hit anything? The other stuff can probably be compensated by the shooter's skill.

Those red dot sights are tempting though. They're supposed to be much better for target acquisition than irons. Can anyone confirm?