Is the Glock safety trigger safe enough?

Is the glocks safe action trigger safe enough?

I just want to share this idea with safety first in mind, Glock FA was specifically mentioned because it is a popular brand with many followers.

What is the use of a gun for self-defense when life is lost through ADs and NDs? Where do we rightly place the word safe when these accidents happen?

Accidental discharge and negligent discharge can happen to persons in all walks of life who handles a firearm. The person maybe a child or an adult, a man or a woman. We will not be discussing those who are ignorant on firearms because surely an accident will happen if they fiddle with a firearm, any firearm for that matter. Let us focus our topic on people who have knowledge or training in handling firearms. We try to look closer into why there are so many Ads and NDs, what’s wrong? Is it the user, the manufacturer or the gun? Allow me to enumerate many observations I personally experienced and witnessed on what FA users do.

1.      Many tack in their guns on the waist some with holsters while others don’t have.

2.      Some have them in their customized bags or everyday bags.

3.      At work some guys keep their FA in their drawer while others just let it stay on their holster.

4.      At home some keep them in their safe and locker while others on the drawer of their table.

5.      Some keep them under a pillow, some have it loaded while others unloaded.

6.      Others just hang it on the wall with its holster.

7.      Some keep them on different locations in their house.  

In all these scenarios under ordinary conditions I believe there is always the presence of mind. Safety is always paramount and the gun user is usually very careful. But it would be very different when picking up, or pulling out a gun under stressful condition. Take note an average trigger finger is just 2 to 3 centimeters away from the trigger. People who have long fingers have no problem with it because their finger is way past the trigger guard but for those who have short ones they have their finger exactly on the trigger! When a person is under stress, hands tremble and sweat, body shakes and presence of mind is affected, So that in pulling out an FA, an unforeseen circumstance or freak accidents arise.

It’s not only under stressful condition that accidents may happen but a condition where the gun is handled too. Cloths, belts, faulty holsters, cramped bags, when trying to catch the gun as it falls, someone making a jest may accidentally touch the trigger, when getting too excited like the news of a man accidentally shooting his girlfriend in an emotional moment, undergoing emotional extremes may unknowingly touch the trigger. A person can be in the woods, climbing a fence or in the bush and his gun for some reasons fell, hope the muzzle is not pointed to the user or anyone else within its range when the trigger is caught among the twigs. Freak accidents happen at times we are unprepared for it so that a safety mechanism independent of the trigger activated safety may avert such a scenario, we just don’t know. There are other circumstances too that can cause snags on the trigger causing ADs or NDs things just happen at an instant.

Taking all of the above issues into consideration what are the safety features of an FA to help an average gun user to be safe in handling his firearm? Let us not focus our attention on the gun professionals because they can manage all type of guns and remain safe. We are more concerned with the majority of gun users who need to learn gun safety as a lifetime process to cope up with NDs and ADs. But even Gun professionals commit mistakes sometimes only Hypocrites and Fanatics have no errors because they don’t even acknowledge their mistakes. They maintain a tunnel vision and ignore the rest. Their concept is good but flawed in its execution.

Glock with a round in the chamber is for people who are exceptionally careful, cool, and will not commit mistakes. But if you have one, carry it with no hot round in its chamber to prevent Ads and NDs. According to reliable reports Gaston Glock carried his pistol with no hot round in the chamber because that’s what he intended when he invented the gun to prevent accidents. Some suggest you can buy a side lock. Others recommend to always use a holster that covers the trigger and check for worn out portions that may interfere with the trigger system. Still others suggest a very heavy trigger. Glocks have no external safeties unlike other FAs that have them and acts as a fallback safety mechanism. Revolvers and other guns who are DAO (double action) have very long and heavy trigger pull as a safety measure against NDs and Ads.

Finally take note that any gun who has all the external safeties is very dangerous as well to people who are careless.

As gun enthusiast we have a common interest and hope that no accidental discharge and negligent discharge will happen to anyone that will cause a loss of life and limb. Sharing experiences is one way of helping others pick up some Ideas on gun safety for a better gun handling.