Gang violence and an unstoppable gun culture

Last Wednesday, a 16-year-old girl was shot in the neck as she stood with her friends in a restaurant. She was rushed to hospital but died of her injuries. Closed-circuit-TV cameras recorded the incident and revealed that the perpetrators were two youths riding bicycles. A few days after, wild gunfire between rival gangs erupted in the neighbourhood.

With so much firearms-related violence, you might think that it is time, once and for all, to call for a total and permanent gun ban in the country. The problem is that the country where this happened is the UK, whose gun-control laws are among the world's strictest. It also has one of the most professional, well-trained and best-equipped police forces.

Despite all its laws and resources, the UK still suffers from what a British newspaper calls a seemingly unstoppable gun culture. If the British government cannot keep its citizens safe from gun-wielding criminals, what hope has ours? Can our under-funded Philippine government and PNP do a better job?

Still, after all the evidence to the contrary, the head of our police thinks that more firearms restrictions will keep us safe.


UK total gun ban was

UK total gun ban was implemented long ago, even the collectors items that was owned by a civi was confiscated and destroyed.

Why these people who wants a total gun ban don't see what is happening around us and that criminals don't follow the Law.

IMO it's better to say for the Total Ban of Criminals!


I could be seriously mistaken here but wasn't it our own chief PNP who mentioned that he advocated the British style of gun control?  Maybe he should read this.  Or maybe he has, and cannot simply face the facts.

I honestly forgot where I read this, if anyone has a link to that interview/article can they post it here?

Availability of Loose firearms

In the Europe, you can buy anything from a 22 cal pistol to a nuclear bomb on the black market, for a price. Youtube has a host of videos and documentaries on how to do it, and where to go.

Here in the Philippines, I could send out a text message, for whatever gun I want, and have it delivered to my doorstep 3 days later, payable in postdated checks, no questions asked. Heavy weapons will require special delivery of 1 week.

Have money will travel.

And it would seem that all of this is going on right under the noses of our police. And they are powerless to stop it. To say that stricter gun laws will stop gun sales is like a throwback to the prohibition era when they thought that outlawing liquor would stop people from drinking booze. It did not, and it never will.

The only solution is for BETTER AND MORE EFFICIENT LAW ENFORCEMENT to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals.

You're right sir, "The only

You're right sir, "The only solution is for BETTER AND MORE EFFICIENT LAW ENFORCEMENT to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals" AND better and efficient law in arming the law abiding citizen not disarming them. IMO.