Equality before the Law


January 26, 2011 3:15 AM my home was stoned by my Farther in Law and Brother in Law after 2 months conflict on family matter (I have been seoarated with whom file a case against me (VAWC) which I do not commit (I have two witnesses neighbor) she have a medical test result. 

That morning I saw the two riding on a motorcycle toward the Barangay Cockpit (Bulo-Bulo). On that day about 12:45 noon, I saw the father and son again going home,looking at me. I at look at them in return. They stopped, then the father asked me, ano ang iyong problema? Then because I know what they did that early morning I frankly answer them, baka ikaw ang me problema. With that, the latter got .38 pistol from his waist and aimed at me, I heared the gun click for 3 times but it does not goes off.

Of course I flee.

I reported that immediately to the police. We planned and proceded to the house of the suspect. The suspect saw me and once again chased me with two guns, .38 revolver and a pugakang (Shotgun). The police intercepted them and confiscated the guns. The case has been filed to the prosecutors office. Illegal Possesion of Firearms. I asked the police if I have to file a separate case against them, then they say no, sigurado naman daw na shoot sa basket ang dalawa. After two days the two were released, the reason, There is no warrant of arrest for them and at the same time illegal arrest daw, then my question is how come? they did not pay for the bail according to the prosecutor, and the case will be on regular basis. After two years the two are still at large, there are reports that they do the same thing with other people in our area.

What can you say about this?