In the two weeks of the COMELEC Gun Ban 2013, we have recorded for this first month of January , 341 violent crime incidents in which there were 157 injuries and 313 fatalities, as of 31 January 2013. Among the violent crime incidents were spectacular robberies/ hold-ups in the heart of Metro Manila, high profile murders and assassinations of politicians and businessmen, courtroom murders and violence, and ambushes resulting in massacres of innocent civilians, police, and soldiers.

It is clear from these incidents that the COMELEC GUN BAN is an epic failure. As predicted beforehand, only the law abiding citizens and licensed gun owners are affected by the gun ban and are prevented by law from bringing their firearms outisde of residence. Sensing this disarmament, the criminals, assassins, warlords,  and robbers now know that the civilian population is now defenseless and have acted accordingly, and commenced with a massive crime wave of shootings, robberies, and murders.

We had stated in our gun ban position paper in 2009: http://progun.ph/gun-ban-position-paper, that the gun ban is unrealistic and will not work in the Philippines. "Unlike in Western countries, the Philippines suffers from rampant crime in the form of reobberies and thefts, kidnapping, drug violence, terrorism in the South, Communjist Insurgency, and political and profession related killings. In spite of the best efforts of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces (AFP), these crimes have not been curbed or lessened over the years. If anything, the crime situation in the country has gotten worse. The mandate of the PNP is to preserve general state of peace and order. The PNP are not mandated to protect individual citizens on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week. Stated otherwise, the police cannot be present everywhere and always to protect its citizens. For this reason, the more affluent Filipinos hire private security guards for their homes and subdivisions or personal bodyguards for the even wealthier. However, for the ordinary citizens who are not as moneyed, a total gun ban would leave them totally defenseless against criminal elements."

Everything that we predicted and stated in our 2009 Gun Ban Position Paper has come true.

In the past two weeks, we have witnessed, among many violent crime incidents, the brazen robbery of SM Megamall (at peak hours during a Saturday), the courtroom shooting rampage of Canadian Pope who killed two people: a doctor, lawyer, and seriously wounded a prosecutor, the professional killing of Isabela Mayor Erlinda Domingo, the ambush slaying of nine people in Negros Occidental, the string of robberies of LBC and Western Union money changers, and the killings of wealthy businessmen. How many more dead bodies do we need to see for us to wake up to reality and finally realize that the COMELEC gun ban serves no purpose other than to disarm honest citizens and make them prey to criminal elements. It does not bring down the crime rate; it heightens it. It is not protection for the public; it is a disservice.

It is high time that we need to act to correct this governmental error, and yes we will act upon it and do something. Our very survival and security depends on individual iniative, realization of what goes on in real life, and plain and simple COMMON SENSE, which regretfully our policy makers do not have.


300+ killed as of January 2013.

As of today 30 January 2013 we have already breached the 300 fatalities mark for this month of January. So far, we have recorded 326 violent crime incidents in which there were147 injuries and 306 fatalities from 1 January 2013 to the present date.

Does the PNP need to wait for a gun ban to go after criminals

Sir fallujah, when you get interviewed by the media can you educate the media people and General Cerbo of the PNP that even without gun ban loose firearms (the favorite weapon of big and small time criminals) are illegal and that the police do not need to wait for a gunban to enforce the law. I heard General Cerbo proclaming in an interview with Julius Babao over dzmm how effective the gunban is. Cerbo claimed that they were able to catch numerous people with loose firearm because of the gunban. Pardon me General Cerbo but catching illegal firearms has nothing to do with gunban. Why didnt they go after these criminal elements before? The PNP is mandated to enforce the law and not wait for the gunban to catch these illegal firearms used by criminals. The General is lost with regards to the issue of gun ban. One thing is clear, inspite of the gun ban the criminals continue to conduct criminal activities. The gunban advocates promised that crime rates will go down if we ban firearms. But gunban has no effect on criminals. The PNP missed the point. 

It is not about gun control

Why would ANY government official fear a law abiding citizen? If your elected representative cares so little about the safety of you and your family, I highly recommend that you find a different person or become yourself the servant free men needed to govern the free republic. There is no excuse for actions such as these. It is easy to see the cowards for what they are when they sell you out in ways like this. To what end is there good in this and to whom does it give protection to anyone other than the man who desires to commit evil?

support comment..

Yes its true., GUN BAN is USELESS its only Affects us.,, having a gun nowadays is important because lawless elements and criminals always strike anywhere, everywhere and at anytime..! However, being a gun owner you must be a responsible one,....you must bear in your mind always that your gun is the LAST STAND PROTECTION of your LIFE and Your FAMILY...kaya wag naman po basta basta lang bubunot at manunutok kahit konting problema lang...always stay CALM and RESPONSIBLE OWNER OF A GUN.....


Licensing and proficiency

It all seems so complex, separate gun registration and license.   Can we not have longer period of registration and for that matter licensing of gun owner.  That done, how does one maintain proficiency in use of firearm - aside from simply handling a firearm safely - without a permit to transport to a firing range?  It should come with the license and have as condition the separation of firearm and ammo in locked cases in a vehicle.  Presently, you have to get a permit to transport every time and at great expense unless you have a PTCFOR.   

Finally, airguns are no longer classified as "firearms".  So how are they treated?  Simple registration should be enough.  Law needs some refinement.