ELECTION DAY VIOLENCE 2013: 27 Violent incidents, 64 injured, 30 killed

Election day 2013 proved to be business as usual for the criminals, insurgents, and warring clans, and political warlords. The total tally of violent crimes committed on election day itself was 27 incidents, 64 injuries, and 30 killed. Again, this disputes the COMELEC and PNP claim that there were allegedly only 7 deaths on election day.

This is for the election day itself only. In comparison, the total number of violent crime incidents during the entire election period now stands at 1861 incidents of which there were 961 injuries and 1458 killed from January to the present date.

Our PROGUN Crime Statistics ongoing tally may be viewed here: http://progun.ph/crime-statistics-2013


election day violence

When there is gun ban, resistance to criminal activities is greatly diminished because only law abiding citizens obey the law but criminals don't. Therefore criminals can easily commit crimes since they know there is no deterent. Those apprehended during gun ban are not the legal gun owners. So what is the gun ban ban for? Is gun ban needed to apprehend criminals and justify check points? Good Intel gathering solves crime not gun ban. Gun ban is like a scare crow that does not scare the crows. Gun ban does not scare criminals. Gun ban only ban law abiding gun owners. 

Intellectual Dishonesty?

Public deception is the highest form of intellectual dishonesty. For the Comelec and the Philippine national Police to say that were were only 7 deaths during election day is dishonesty at its worst. Or even worse, perhaps they are totally ignorant of the truth?

Shooting occurrences lead the

Shooting occurrences lead the list of election-related violent occurrences at fifty one of 58 documented. http://www.dwilawyer.com/