Confusion over what kind of carry is allowed with a PTCFOR.


Hello responsible citizens--

I've been googling this topic a bit, and am now confused by the two conflicting circulars from the PNP. Some sources say that the "case" requirement is no longer in effect. Does anyone have definitive information from the PNP? 

Until then, I'm sticking to what it says on my PCTFOR. >.<


It's really hard to get a

It's really hard to get a hold of what the law actually means and it looks like there's no effort to making this clear. Why can't we just adapt CCW laws combined with a thorough screening process? I would just be ranting here all day long about this as this is really frustrating but I won't go into that. Anyone can shine a light on this please? I hope we can get good legal and authorized sources involved.

the wild wild west

With regard to the privilege to carry a concealed weapon a thorough and exhaustive screening process is the bare minimum that the government needs to put together. In fact, this screening process should be applied to the more basic firearms license. The other component is extensive training as a prerequisite to earning a PTC. The current process is utterly laughable and I shudder to think of how many well-meaning citizens are out there walking with handgun with too little training behind it. 

These people are liabilities. There is no other word for it. They are probably within their rights to try and defend themselves should the shit ever hit the fan. However, it is totally irresponsible to do so if the odds are that they're just as likely to injure or kill innocent bystanders in the process. Rights come with responsibilities; those who are indeed responsible citizens should also choose to address the responsibility side of the equation if they are seeking to exercise the right. 

The government should institute a series of tests / practical examinations that must be passed in order to acquire the right to carry weapons. If properly designed, the test will induce the development of training programs that are designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to pass the test, and therefore earn the privilege to carry a concealed weapon.

Yes, the test will likely be very expensive and include practical shooting scenarios. It should be difficult enough to truly weed out those who should not carry a weapon due to lack of skill, or ability to make sound judgement on when to engage.

And yes, it's an exam that we must go through every year to keep the privilege. 

The result should be more responsible citizens out there with the skill to use a weapon, and the necessary mental chops to know and appreciate the fact that for most of us, we should count ourselves lucky that we'll probably never be in the correct position or circumstance to even touch the weapon while we are in public. It is these types of citizens that will prove to deter criminals who seek to bypass the laws and utilize guns against us. 

Yes, I'm ranting. But thankfully, it didn't last all day long.