CEBU CITY (Updated 10:05 a.m.) -- Two persons were killed while another was wounded in a gun attack inside the Palace of Justice in Cebu City Tuesday morning, a radio report said.

Victims Dr. Rene Rafols and his lawyer Julian Atias were shot dead by a certain John H. Pope, a retired Canadian journalist, as the Municipal Trial Court in Cities branch 6 was about the start his inquest for six counts of malicious mischief.

The report said Dr. Rafols was the complainant in the case.

Pope reportedly shot and killed the victims using a .38 caliber pistol and went outside the courtroom, which is located in the fourth floor of the building. He also shot Prosecutor Maria Theresa Calibogan-Casiño who happened to be in his way.

The suspect also shot himself in the third floor of the building.

As of this posting, Pope is still breathing however medical emergency response is yet to arrive.

Police are still investigating how Pope was able to enter the courthouse with a gun amid the tight security.

The radio report, however, said that there are no metal detectors installed inside the Palace of Justice. (Sunnex)


So Where's the COMELEC Gun Ban?

Shootings like this during the period when the COMELEC Gun Ban is in force, merely underscore the INEFFECTIVENESS of the ban. As we have stated all along, criminals who do not follow the law by their nature, will never respect the gun ban, leaving honest law abiding citizens helpless.

What Gun Ban?!?! This fatal

What Gun Ban?!?! This fatal shooting in Cebu occured in the height of a GUN BAN! Gun Ban's are a FANTASY of many people who think CRIMINALS will ABIDE by it! by the end of the day, it is the legally licensed with PTCFOR who are affected and are risking their lives EVERY SINGLE DAY! NO TO GUN BAN! can we T.R.O. this?

They should wake up on his

They should wake up on this LAW, that CRIMINALS are not the Abiding citizens .. we Responsible GUN OWNERS are the one TRAP on this one