Comelec Gun ban to be extended or made permanent?

There is much talk now about the proposal to extend the Comelec gun ban or make it permanent. This began with the statement of Gen. Jesus Verzosa, the Chief PNP, that due to the perceived effectiveness of the total gun ban during the comelec campaign period and the alleged low incidence of crime during this period, there is a supposed "clamor" for the gun ban to be made permanent.

PROGUN has consistently and vigorously OPPOSED any type of gun ban, whether Comelec imposed or otherwise. We stand firmly behind the rights of all our citizens to keep and bear their firearms, most especially in these dangerous times of high crime and political violence during election campaigns. We dispute the claim of Gen. Verzosa that the crime rate and killings have gone down during this last election period. As per our count of all election violence and killings committed during this last election period, we have counted to date roughly 250 people killed and 400+ wounded during last election alone. These are unacceptably high numbers of victims. Bear in mind that these victims did not receive any assistance or protection whatsoever from the police who were supposed to be maintaining peace and order and protecting the people. Criminals still were able to get their hands on firearms during the gun ban and used them with impunity to commit crimes. In short, the so-called gun ban was a failure.

PROGUN therefore, wishes to bring this information to the public that the proposed extension or permanent gun ban is based upon INACCURATE and INCOMPLETE information and FALSE assumptions. We fell strongly that this latest move initiated by the current PNP Hierarchy is simply a media ploy and a gimmick to implement the anti-gun agenda. The figures do not lie. We still live in a dangerous society. We still need to provide for our own protection.

Please read our full length position paper against the gun ban and other anti-gun issues here:


Forthcoming Gun Summit

The PNP has set another Gun Summit where the matter of a permanent gun ban will be discussed by the stakeholders except the gun owners themselves and those who have ptcfors. During the last year's summit where we participated with flying colors, the PNP heirarchy has decided to ignore our recommendations and infact they utilized the same event to paint a picture of unity among the stakeholders supporting the proposed firearms control bill, in short, it was just a ruse! Gagamitin lang tayo ng mga pulis upang ipakita na nais rin nating maiskatuparan ang malawakang at permanenteng gun ban. Its a simple arm twisting means of convincing us to support their supposed policy. Ano tayo mga engot at kantanod? pagkapatapos pakainin ikukulong? o di naman kaya ay kukumpiskahin ang mga baril natin? By the way, is this another midnight policy that the PNP wants to sneak in? Why don't they leave it to the coming administration to decide if it wants to implement such a drastic and oppressive policy. Let the incoming Aquino Administration propose the policy it wanted to implement. Huwag naman po nating i hostage ang pangulo ng mga programang gustong isampal sa atin ng papa-alis na administrasyon. Isang paalaala lang sa mga kaibigan nating mga heneral sa pnp, hindi habang buhay nasa serbisyo kayo at may m.o. at m.r. kayo palagi. Mag reretiro din kayo at kukuha rin kayo ng ptcfor na katulad namin. Mag total gun ban pa kaya kayo kapag pinagbabantaan na ang buhay ninyo at ng inyong pamilya? Magisip-isip naman kayo.

Anti-gun ban articles in the press

These articles support our position:

Gun ban isn’t working here
Zamboanga Times, Thursday, 20 May 2010

"Gun ban is not working as far as Zamboanga City is concerned! This is proven by the fact that over 50 people have been killed by guns since the gun ban started its implementation in January 10, 2010...Imposing a total gun ban would only worsen the situation for only the criminals would dare to carry guns and make their targets as easy preys...The mayor, the congressman and other “bright boys” out there have nothing to worry because they are always tagging with them their armed escorts from the PNP and AFP. But what about us ordinary citizens who are not authorized to bring escorts?"

Group twits Verzosa: Gun ban fails to reduce criminality
BusinessMirror, Sunday, 16 May 2010

"DESPITE the nationwide election gun ban, a big number of people were killed and wounded by criminals who managed to evade the National Police’s much-vaunted centerpiece in the anti-criminality campaign. But again, the supposed real objects of the gun ban, such as high-profile criminals and members of syndicates, were absent on the list of arrested violators, as most of those who were taken in are ordinary gun owners, government workers and even soldiers and policemen."

(Emphasis mine.)

gen verzosa, why dont you try

gen verzosa, why dont you try walking the streets of cotabato city alone & unarmed, maybe you are an expert in martial arts..

or better yet choose the

or better yet choose the province of lanao sur as your retirment haven wherein you will walk the streets unarmned w/out any bodyguards following you so  you will see how effective your total gunban is..

oo versoza why dont you try

oo versoza why dont you try walking in the streets of cotabato all by your self. pumunta yan dito sa amin sa south cotabato anak ng titing ang daming bodyguards and naka bullet prof na hammer pa. akala ko ba matapang siya. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Multisectoral gunowners' meeting

There will be a multisectoral gun owners' meeting on Tuesday 25 may 2010 at 3pm at Club Filipino Greenhills. Agenda is the opposition to the proposed extension of the gun ban. This was circulated today via text messaging.