TEKA TEKA ,In the recent events , is it possible that our firearms laws doesn"t  work ? are the legal gun owners is considered the enemy ? well i will just ask my fellow taxpayers , The Philippine National Police is over work, to much responsibility in solving crimes , I just proposed that the firearms licensing and permits should be handed down to a non-military Goverment Agency just liked in the USA , it has the BATF , why not ? its about time that the civilian authority is considered in the land scape of the Filipino culture , no more pre-martial law era that the military is supreme over the civilians . hope we moved now . 

Continuation of discussion.

Hello Ariel.  To continue our conversation from FB I just want to comment on your thread here to not only agree but reiterate my own sentiments toward registration.  For the benefit of our hardworking and ever fiercely fighting PROGUN reps (Atty. Tabujara & Co.), and all the followers and members of PROGUN, allow me to express why I believe WE, THE FILIPINO PEOPLE, do not need a registration mechanism...PERIOD. 

1.) Registration can only track documented weapons manufactured locally by accredited companies as well as those imported white market guns and previously undocumented weapons declared during periods of amnesty.  Since statistically PNP has admitted that virtually almost 100% of gun crime is perpetrated by weapons outside of the mentioned categories they are simply wasting time, effort, energy and our money to regulate us, not the criminals, hitmen, syndicate bosses, dissidents, terrorists, militant communists, gangs, etc.  It's therefore rendered useless and serves no purpose in curbing crime.

2.) Registration is inefficient as it does not do away with other requirements and red tape but simply acts as the first layer of many that create problems for both PNP information / data management and for the gun owner.  Registrations contain make, model, type, classification, serial number, owner's name, address and validity period.  With all this information at a glance one still requires a PTCFOR or PTTFOR to bring the weapon outside of the residence for recreational or other legitimate purposes.  One then requires several documents to even enjoy the weapon recreationally.  Since registration begets the other requirements such as PTC/PTT and other licenses it should already be documented, undeniable proof of legitimate ownership, accountability and traceability to the owner therefore rendering the unit as legal, safe and NOT LOOSE.  Since it gives the people no real power to forego all other requirements to legitimate use at a recreational venue it should be scrapped as it makes no difference to the owner...the owner is still hamstringed and prevented from using the weapon.  Registration bears no owner benefit.

3.) Since registration has an expiry date and corresponding validity period owners are made to arbitrarily keep renewing registration for property that is very different than a car.  Unlike a car a firearm may be present or carried by the owner but not actually utilized every day.  The likelihood of you shooting someone is in most cases remote unlike your likelihood of running someone over since you use your cars everyday and travel several hundred kilometers a week.  Registration should be at least permanent but is made an excuse to keep collecting revenue from owners.  It prevents true ownership in the sense that if one forgets to renew and pay for periodic registration, one is subject to possible confiscation and/or branding as a criminal only for allowing registration to lapse. 

4.) Registration is means to track how many guns an owner posseses.  In reality it makes no difference whether an owner has 2 or 25 weapons.  Responsible owners are not a threat.  However, this exposure opens the owner to a slew of abuses from the PNP and more red tape and other requirements that impose added costs and emotional strain on the owner. 

5.) Given the gray-ness of the laws, how they are interpreted as well as historical abuse by the government, registration provides a map that government can use for confiscation of weapons.  Private ownership and rights to privacy should negate the need for registration as government can and may confiscate property without compensation, due process or genuine valid reasons. 

6.) I was told by an individual close to me who is undergoing the process at present that failure in the neuro-psycho tests does not mean disapproval to continue the process of LTOP.  This is disturbing and insulting considering I don't agree with psycho testing as a tool to determine safe or legitimate intent to own.  Since this pre-requisite can apparently be repeated until passing marks are achieved registration just simply plays another arbitrary role that bears no impact on preventing criminals from obtaining weapons. 

7.) It is hypocritical that dissident groups at large, guilty of rebellion are allowed to police their own subjects and own guns without the need of formal registration and the other documentary requirements burdening us legitimate gun owners. 

8.) Given certain incidents in the past and PNP's less than stirling history and reputation, registration provides specific knowledge of what a citizen may own, making him a target for theft as the database can be sold, lent or given out to groups looking to shop for new weapons by stealing them from owners. 

There are so many better ways we can regulate firearms in this country.  There are cutting edge ideas out there but unfortunately government wants only to impose their control and keep their revenue stream.  That's my humble opinion. SCRAP REGISTRATION IN ITS CURRENT FORM! WE WANT SOMETHING BETTER! :-)