Barangay Elections Gun Ban: A Basket Case for Criminality

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Gun ban began once again last 28 September 2013. It will be in force until 13 November 2013, or during the election period of the Barangay elections. During this election gun ban period, all licensed gun owners are prohibited from carrying their guns outside their residence, unless they apply for and are granted an exemption from Comelec. This year is unique in that we have experienced two Comelec gun bans this year: the senatorial and local elections last May and the barangay elections this October.
A gun ban is certainly intended to have noble effects: to disarm otherwise violent politicians and warlords (and their private armies), and prevent them from killing each other as theyr regularly do every Philippine election. However, this is a case where the means did not bring about the intended end. Needless to say, violent crime and killings continued, as usual. The Comelec gun ban which was intended to curb shootings, had no effect whatsoever on the incidence of violent crime and shootings. Likewise, as expected, the only people who followed the gun ban were the legitimate citizens, whereas the criminals exempted themselves and continued to rob, kill, steal, and kidnap.

In the end, as always, the ultimate losers in this case, are the ordinary citizens who are now left defenseless.

We would probably agree to a total gun ban, if indeed everyone, including the crminals, warlords, and insurgents and terrorists, would likewise give up their guns. As we well know, this is not the case. Gun bans, simply mean business as usual for the criminals and the terrorists who do not respect the law. Coupled with the lack of enforcement and protection by the police and military, and the result is a crime wave. It is now open season on law abiding citizens, who must now cower in fear, especially so that since the law enforcement are oftentimes complicit in teh commission of crimes, particularly kidnappings and drugs.

The Philippines is a basket case for criminality. But let us not forget that it made more so by virtue of the Comelec gun ban.