Author of Book critical of Supreme Court receives death threats

"The pen is mightier than the sword, but the sword kills faster than the word."

"Kaya pala maraming napapatay na journalists dahil katulad mo. May katwiran pala si Ampatuan na pagpapatayin ang mga journalists. Sana nakasama ka dun, malay mo malapit na."

(Your kind is one of the reasons why journalists are being killed. Ampatuan has valid reason to kill those journalists. I hope you were one of them. You’ll never know, it could be sooner.)

"Takot ka ano? Iyong anak mo na lang (You’re afraid, right? I’ll target your child instead)."

Apparently, that is the price you have to pay in the Philippines for pursuing justice and truth. Welcome to the club. I, for one, have received numerous death threats over the past 15 years, the most interesting which was from the Rebolusyonaryong Hukbong Bayan thru "Red Olalia", stating that they would exact revolutionary justice upon me within 30 days. I gave them the dirty finger and dared them to come over. After the 30 days was up, they sent me another letter saying, "we would like to follow-up our previous letter to you..." Hehe! :)

Hazards of the profession.

They send you bullets with black ribbons, sampaguita flowers, ominous text messages and phone calls to your office. It gets so irritating that you would wish that these people would just simply kill you to get it over with already. In any case, I have decided long ago that if ever anyone would eventually get me, I would certainly not leave him around standing to piss on my grave.