Assassination Nation - HBO's Vice story on Corrupted Philippines Politics

HBO's Vice news magazine show featured a story on firearms and political corruption in the Philippines. While this piece clearly offers an anti-gun perspective, it does draw attention to warlords and corrupt politicians as drivers of gun violence in the country.

The plain fact is that the Philippine 'gun problem' is inextricably linked to our nation's struggles with political corruption. No amount of crackdowns on legal civilian firearms ownership will have any effect because we are not the cause. This focus on restrictions for civilians is merely a sleight-of-hand, a tactic to draw attention away from those who are truly responsible. As our crime statistics show, the violence continues despite the gun ban. Ordinary civilians who follow the law suffer from greatly diminished security yet it's business as usual for the criminals and warlords.

We have now entered the election period when politicians make promises to tackle society's ills and turn things around for the better. Regardless of their claims, one thing is for sure: they won't solve problems by looking in the wrong direction.

Assassination Nation - VICE story on Corrupted Philippines Politics


Who are the real problem in the Philippines?

The truth is that the Muslim terrorists and warlord politicians who are featured in the video are the real problem in our country, and as can be seen the military and police are powerless and do not have the balls to stop them. If you watch the video you can seen an entire campy full of armed Islamic Terrorists of all ages, armed to the teeth, and then the Philippine army officer who was being interviewed (far away of course) saying that "You can go there at your own risk". P*&^%$#! WHY DON'T YOU GO THERE AND CLEAN THEM OUT? THAT'S YOUR FREAKING JOB!

No comment from the other side of the argument?

The guy hosting the film reminded me of one of those tabloid reporters for Rolling Stone, with literally eyes wide, full of sensationalism and clearly acting for the camera and playing to the audience. Moreover, as true good journalism should be, he should have gotten the comment from the other side of his editorial thesis, the PROGUN perspective, which he did not. This is tabloid journalism at its worst.

Sad and angry

Everything evil stems from government. We are used and abused and extorted. We are a source of extortion...that's all. And while we are a abused politicians do nothing for our rights. We are purposely being twisted. They know we are not the source of gun violence. They are and they'll never admit it. We need to stand up before they go farther.