Aquino signs comprehensive gun control law

MANILA – President Benigno Aquino III has signed a new gun control law.

It provides stricter guidelines on securing a gun license and sets limits to the number of firearms a person may own.

Under Republic Act 10591, one must be a Filipino citizen, at least 21 years old and should be employed, and has no criminal record to own a gun.

One should also indicate in writing why he or she needs a firearm and should pass a gun safety seminar.

The new law also raises the penalty for illegal possession of firearms from four to six years in prison. -- ANC




These new laws are oppressive. This totally violates the premise of gun ownership as a right & turns it into a privilege. When do we stand up for our rights? Weare made to pay exorbitant costs all for the authorities to keep generating revenue. I am saddened and disgusted by the president 's actions. 

Read the law first before making judgments

I suggest that you READ THE LAW first before making sweeping statements such as this.

The law states: "The State recognizes the RIGHT of its qualified citizens to self-defense through when it is the reasonable means to repel the unlawful aggression under the circumstances, THE USE OF FIREARMS." (Emphasis supplied).

As regards the cost it is actually LOWER now under the new law than under the old law. Under the new law the individual shall only be licensed ONCE, and not for every single firearm that he owns, which is more expensive. Also, registration of the firearm (following current registration costs for airguns and airsoft) is only P250 per firearm, which is much cheaper more affordable than paying for and renewing licenses for each and every firearm that one owns, in the amount of P2900 per gun.

We welcome all comments, but kindly make sure for your own posterity that your comments are well-thought and well-informed comments. The President is a long time shooter and gun supporter. We will come up with a specific forum to discuss this issue amongst us all, thoroughly and clearly.


My apologies if I've overstated strong opinions or offended any parties.  I have honestly not read the new law in its entirety.  I have read the highlights as featured in last Sunday's paper.  The part I read that got me riled up was the part about long arms being restricted to just AFP and PNP and civillians not being allowed to own them.  Another thing I recall from the article was the restriction of arms being brought out of the home, a new classification system of owners and storage requirements.  I am embarassed to say the least as I did not know that costs went lower.  May I beg your or anyone's indulgence as to how the "licensing of a person" will work?  Thanks. 

Move topic to our dedicated forum

Thank you for your comments. As per decision of PROGUN board we will not entertain nor comment or answer any queries re: 10591 either here on the front page or in our Facebook Page. Instead to formalize the discussion and avoid repetition of discussions and answers, we will be setting up the discussion in our forums section as soon as we draft our formal official comments to the new law and FAQs for the enlightenment of the gun owners. In the meantime, I will maintain your earlier posts, but will delete your queries and advise you to kindly wait for our FAQs on RA 10591 and our new discussion forum to be announced, and re-post your queries there.

Ok Read the law...still don't like it.


I reiterate my first comment with all due respect...Yup kinda feels like oppression.  What I don't like about this new law...

(If I have misinterpreted please correct me as I am not a lawyer)

- Registrations take the place of individual firearms licenses but are still renewable and can lapse, lapsing of a registration becomes a criminal offense of heavy penalty...shouldn't we consider pushing for licenses/registration to be non-renewable?

- If you own a class A weapon you can keep it but won't be able to acquire anymore nor does it seem that you can bequeath it to family.  What happens if I die in a car accident tomorrow?  Does that mean my dad and other family can't take my M4's and AK variant even if it's expressly stated in my Last Will & Testament? 

- I fall under category 5 license and will have to allow a perfect stranger into home to inspect my private vault, physically know where I keep my guns and how many I own, know intimate details of how I store my arms.  While there he'll be able to assess my security, how many people live in my much for privacy...and on top of all that I have to pay the govt. a bond...  Yikes...

- It's a lot of words.  It's a lot of sentences.  Nothing that makes owning a firearm easier.  Maybe slightly cheaper...not easier.

- It still limits the owner through PTT.  Isn't a license/registration enough?  Do I need a permit to bring a legally owned and registered gun to a shooting range?  The PTT is also designed for point A to B travel of a FA.  It's still highly restrictive. You'll be prohibited from law from bringing your carbine in the trunk of your car from the city to a province to visit lolo and lola.  It's a just in case measure but it's illegal.  What if you need the carbine and not a pistol?  This provision also limits where you can shoot...point A (home) to point B (designated, specified shooting range).  Chicken or egg you compete first to the point you disregard your job just to justify your guns and to have a PTT...or do you first ask for a PTT so you can get to that competitive level?...

- I have to be a licensed sport shooter?  So it's not enough that I shoot regularly I need a license saying I compete so am therefore justified to have more than 50 rounds of ammo per gun in my home?  So unless I compete at a national level or am fortunate enough to compete abroad I have limited access to ammunition.  50 rounds...yeah...I'm in violation right now.  I train with 250-500 rounds...per firearm and bring several to range when I train or blow off does that work for me now?  Having a 100 rounds (4 boxes of 25) is now against the law.  Chicken and egg na naman...Do I need to compete first to be able to be justified in buying lots of bullets or do I need lots of bullets to justify competing and actually compete?...  Obviously ang mga prepper are in violation.  It's illegal now to stockpile. 

- I have an old Dillon Precision RL 1050 I'd like to revive...I might not be able to do so given that I'll need to apply for a license to manufacture ammo and my previously stated observation about ammo count now makes my old ammo cost saver now an illegal piece of equipment.  Oh to the smelters to melt it down. 

- The provision pertaining to PTC are the same almost but everyone got away with it before...which is not a bad thing...are they going to be strict now and actually impose a PNP threat assessment?  If they are then I foresee a lot of denial of PTC applications unless you've got buddies inside...which then limits your options to just PTT.  Point A to B.  This feels like disarmament pare.  IMHO...if you make a salary of at least Php100,000.00 a're under threat. 

- There seems to be no black and white provision expressing whether or not you can own thermal, night vision, suppressor, etc.  Its not explicitly stated.  So it's another gray area lumped into a ton of words and new restrictions.  Why don't they just state it plainly as legal or illegal, for registration or not, etc. 

That's just my initial take after reading it.  Still depressed.  Still very disappointed.  I hope reorganization of Pro Gun is quick as I'd like to sign up and start attending meetings.  I think we as pinoys are missing the point that we should be calling shots.  I for one hope we can bring better laws to the table.  I can only still find one word for these new laws and it's still "oppressive".  Sensya na. 


Huling hirit...

:) please don't kick me off the site lol!  last one pare! 

so as per the new law it is justified to own and possess a gun and to defend one's life under life threatening circumstances with that said gun as long as...

- it is a small arm or otherwise previously licensed class A light arm (and you're at home)

- you are licensed and the firearm is registered with the PNP database (for keeping tabs on us and knowing our personal information)

- you did not possess more than 50 rounds at the time of the incident or hopefully did not need more than 50 rounds to save your life and the lives of those at your home...

- had a PTC for that FA (which are now harder to get) assuming you were not at the shooting range when your life was threatened or...

- were luckily at home...

- and didn't miss and kill anyone by accident because you hardly got to practice given the restrictions for PTT, PTC, ammo limitations etc.

hehe...  I kinda feel the criminals still got the upper hand :) daming kailangan ah...  Between you and me Fallujah I fear transit more than home invasion.  Virtually every kidnapping I know was done while in transit.  We'll see how this goes...I pray for better...

Kindly read reply above

As per advise above kindly await our new discussion forum for questions and answers and FAQs re: RA 10591. As a quick reply, I read your posts and as with everyone else there's a lot of misconception and confusion. We will explain later. Thank you. :)

Facebook only?

For those of us who are not on Facebook may we request that a copy of the Facebook page Philippine Gun Community - Comprehensive Firearms law be posted on this site as well in order to ensure that as many of the community as possible may participate in this vital discussion?


Hi nice seeing you at the Varsity Hills heated debate LOL :-D Yes that's a common suggestion and yes we will do that let me just arrange it with out admin. Thank you for reminding.

Marker entrepreneurs who want

Marker entrepreneurs who want some sort of enable to transport (PTC) should also move through yet another process for their PTC. They have to very first always be qualified to be "under true risk or even is at imminent risk due to the dynamics involving his or her profession, occupation or even organization. inch