Anti-gun politicians are the same the world over

Once again, an anti-gun politician shows his hypocrisy.

Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago and long-time anti-gun advocate, has reportedly requested for at least three police bodyguards to provide him with around-the-clock protection after he leaves office. So while pushing for measures to disarm his fellow citizens, he wants special privileges to keep his own family safe. The very same tax payers whom Mayor Daley wants to deny the means of self-protection will soon be paying to protect him.

In the Philippines, a number of our own politicians are known to favor gun control yet surround themselves with armed bodyguards.

Why the double standards? Perhaps they believe that their lives are worth more than ours.


One of the reasons these

One of the reasons these politicians request for armed bodyguards is probably they are not really at rest with their consciences....wait a minute, I take that back: most of them do not have consciences in the first place. Fear is perhaps the greatest motivator for these people to disarm law-abiding citizens while at the same time surrounding themselves with armed guards: to prevent those they have wronged from getting back at them. Yeah, fear coupled with cowardice.The SOBs probably do not know how to defend themselves and have to have paid hacks to do it for them.

Why these people get elected in the first place is beyond me....