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Happiness is a Worn Gun

"Happiness is a Worn Gun - My Concealed Weapon and Me"
Dan Baum, Harper's Magazine, August 2010

Here's an even-handed treatment of the concealed carry lifestyle that appears in Harper's Magazine, August 2010. The author, Dan Baum, writes about his experience with moving from the use of firearms as a hunting hobby to self-defense.

It is a long but rewarding read, ideal for when you have spare time to sit-back and reflect while drinking a coffee. Dan Baum takes a reasoned, introspective look at his own motivations, as well as those of firearms advocates and anti-gunners. You many not like all of the conclusions he draws, but his points are fair and balanced.

Happiness is a Worn Gun by Dan Baum, Harper's Magazine August 2010" (PDF download).

Anti-gun groups are losing ground in the US

Our PNP claims that in the Philippine public are clamoring for increased gun control. It seems that the complete opposite is happening in the US: the tide of sympathy is turning in favor of gun ownership as more Americans realize that they do not need to become victims of crime.

Here are two stories, one of a father who fought off three armed robbers, and one of an 80-year-old man who used an illegal firearm to protect his family. As you can see, support is clearly on the gun owners' side.

Let's skip the pretense that limiting gun ownership rights will do anything to protect people from crime. We should learn from experience in other countries. The case studies and numbers all point in the same direction—that citizens must play an active part in reducing crime, and sometimes that means bearing arms.

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