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Al-Qaeda terror plot targeting Europe uncovered

Being an ally of the US, we could be targetted too, especially during a gun ban, where only a few, if none at all,  could oppose them.


Is the Philippines a Terrorist Country?

European Union Countries have imposed a self-styled arms embargo on the Philippines by refusing to sell guns to Philippine end users. The apparent reason given is that the Philippines is labeled as a "terrorist country." Other petty reasons include certain dealers' misconduct in declaring the end users of the imported firearms.

Is the Philippine a terrorist country?

On the contrary, the Philippines has a robust Constitutional Democracy, with free elections, elected leaders, courts of law, and a thriving economy. In fact as of the late '90's, the Philippines was the largest market for European-made guns such as Glock, in Asia. Our gun licensing system is still free, but increasingly becoming draconian. The vast majority of 1.2 million gun owners comply with the laws of firearms.

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