Summary executions/ Salvage

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Salvaging and Summary executions revisited

The suspicious shooting of the suspectsed robber-killer of a seaman again raises questions regarding police summary executions or salvaging. This week suspect Ronald Sevilla was shot dead while in police custody as he was being transferred from the Police Precinct 4 of the Manila police to the City Hal Prosecutor's Office for inquest proceedings. Sevilla purportedly bore three bullet wounds in the head, while handcuffed. The reason given by the poilcemen escorts was that Sevilla was shot while trying to escape.

After decades of problems of this sort, we have still not resolved the problem of police summary executions or salvaging. But the matter seems all the more reprehensible when it is committed in broad daylight in the heart of a capital city, right in the shadow of the City hall. Ironically, "salvaging" literally means to "save", which adds insult to injury when used to describe summary killings of suspects.

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