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Please do not fire your guns on New Year's Eve

PROGUN supports this call, as it has always advocated over the past years, for licensed gun owners to refrain from firing their guns in the air on new year's eve. The number of injuries and deaths due to stray bullets has gone down drastically over the past years due to our campaign. Let us keep up the good work.

2015 New Year's Eve Stray Bullet Injuries Substantially Down This Year

As reported by the Department of Health as of 2 January, the number of victims of stray bullets due to indiscriminate firing is Four (4). Source: (This is less one which was due to an accidental discharge). This number has gone down considerably from what it was in previous years and decades before wherein there were literally hundreds of victims of stray bullets on New Year's Eve. We credit this decrease to our pervasive and efficient PROGUN educational campaign against indiscriminate firing of guns on New Year's Eve, which had previously become a Filipino habit. A number of cases indiscriminate firing were also due to the police, military, and security guards, who irresponsibly fired their service guns on New Year's Eve.

While the number of victims is still not zero as it should be, still the number of very low considering that there are nearly two million licensed gun owners in the Philippines. Thus, this is a big victory for Philippine licensed gun owners who should be congratulated for their responsiblity and restraint during the New Year's Eve revelry.

An Appeal: Please Do not Fire your guns on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is once again coming up and PROGUN wishes to greet all responsible gun owners a happy New Year! We are also appealing to all gunowners not to fire your guns on New Year's Eve. Our track record of responsible gun ownership and education over the past decade had drastically REDUCED deaths and injuries from stray bullets from hundreds in the 80's and 90's to less than 15 injuries and less than 5 deaths these past 2 years. Nevertheless one injury or death is one too many; let us aim for ZERO injuries from stray bullets. A bullet when fired upwards in the air goes down and lands with the same velocity and power as when it left the barrel of the gun. So, a seemingly harmless act of firing a gun in the air can unknowingly cause the death of an innocent child 1 km away. Wag po tayo pasaway; umiwas po tayo ng makasakit o makapatay ng kapwa na hindi sinasadya; let's be responsible.
So please, let us keep up the good work and continue to contribute to a SAFE, HAPPY, AND INJURY-FREE NEW YEAR'S EVE.
Happy New Year to all!

PROGUN: Please do not fire your guns on New Year's Eve.

Please do not fire your guns on New Year's Eve.

Although the number of firearms related injuries (with practically no deaths) has dramatically increased these past years due to proper education and discipline among gun owners, there are still a few isolated incidents of stray bullets hitting innocent people. Remember: when you fire your gun upwards, the bullet comes back down at the same speed. Thus even if you do not intend to shoot or aim at someone, a stray bullet can still injure or kill another person a kilometer away. No amount of good intentions or sorry can bring back a human life, once lost. So please let us be responsible this New Year's Eve. Let us fire our guns on any other day of the year, safely, responsibly, and in the proper manner and place.

Stay Safe,


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