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Firearms for self-protection after a disaster

I'm announcing the launch of a new preparedness website:

My friend who started the website created it in response to the lack of Philippine-centric information resources. (He noticed that most of the websites were for the US.) Although the website is aimed for Manila residents, most of the information will also apply to the Philippines in general.

Firearms ownership and preparedness go hand-in-hand so I'm sure that readers of this website will also find to be useful.

Of particular interest would be the following article:
Firearms for self-protection after a disaster. is a PROGUN supporter.

Concealed Carry Self- Defense

Happiness is a Worn Gun

"Happiness is a Worn Gun - My Concealed Weapon and Me"
Dan Baum, Harper's Magazine, August 2010

Here's an even-handed treatment of the concealed carry lifestyle that appears in Harper's Magazine, August 2010. The author, Dan Baum, writes about his experience with moving from the use of firearms as a hunting hobby to self-defense.

It is a long but rewarding read, ideal for when you have spare time to sit-back and reflect while drinking a coffee. Dan Baum takes a reasoned, introspective look at his own motivations, as well as those of firearms advocates and anti-gunners. You many not like all of the conclusions he draws, but his points are fair and balanced.

Happiness is a Worn Gun by Dan Baum, Harper's Magazine August 2010" (PDF download).

Lance Thomas, a jewelry store owner who refused to be a victim

"The judicial system must never take the right away from citizens to bear arms and defend themselves, but they should cause citizens to be more responsible when evoking that right." - Lance Thomas

Evangelium Vitae - The Stand of the Catholic Church on Self-Defense

Atty. Nandy Pacheco, self-proclaimed religious man and head of the gun control advocacy group, gunless society, frequently cites the “thou shall not kill” commandment as the basis for his anti-gun agenda arguments. He will have people believe that said commandment is absolute and that the taking of human life, under any circumstance, cannot be justified, specially in the eyes of God. What Nandy Pacheco fails to mention is that the Vatican already clarified this issue through the Evangelium Vitae issued by Pope John Paul II (Latin for "The Gospel of Life", it is the name of the encyclical written by Pope John Paul II which expresses the position of the Catholic Church regarding the value and inviolability of human life. The Pope issued the encyclical on March 25, 1995).

Would you use deadly force in this situation?

Before continuing, first watch the clip below. The important part happens after about 25 seconds into the video.

What would you do?

So, put yourself in the situation of the driver in the blue car. What would you do if this happened to you while stuck in traffic? Would you be justified in using your firearm? I've asked a lot of people and many said, yes, it would be justifiable. Their reasoning stems from the fact that the man is clearly violent and may have caused serious or fatal injury to the driver. However, I do not agree.

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