School shooting

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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Are Guns the Problem or the Solution?

Once again a deranged gunman in the US has gone on a shooting rampage and has shot and killed 20 Children in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. The incident has once again also spurred the debate on gun control and whether or not more gun regulation could have prevented the violence from happening.

Let us begin by stating that there are already numerous gun laws in the US amongst which is the infamous Brady Law wherein 15 day waiting period is imposed prior to purchase of all handguns and a federal background check is likewise made on the intended purchaser to determine if he/she has a criminal record. Federal laws likewise prohibit minors from purchasing handguns and ammunition. Fully automatic firearms are likewise heavily regulated, as well as purchasing firearms via mail order and transporting them accross certain state lines. In spite of all these laws and regulations, the shooter was still able to get hold of guns (from his mother) and inflict the harm.

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