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Anti-concealed carry 'experiment'

This video is another example of propaganda masked as unbiased reporting. In fact, it only reinforces what firearms experts have been saying for decades: if you're going to carry, make sure you train.

Alert! PNP to impose stricter rules on Licensing and Carrying of Firearms 18 August 2010

The PNP is set to sign and implement on 18 August 2010, stricter Rules on Licensing and Carrying of Firearms, and new stricter guidelines on availment of protective security for VIPs and citizens.

A summary of these stricter changes are:

Licensing and possession

1. The neuro psychiatric test must be conducted by the PNP Health Service NP Personnel and PNP Accredited NP testing Centers and Evaluators. The drug test must be administered by the PNP Crime laboratory. The Gun safety seminar must be handled by the PNP or registered gun club duly accredited by the PNP.

No PTCFORs being issued: An Extended and Continuing Illegal Gun Ban



As of this writing, the Comelec gun ban has ended more than a month ago. To date, no permits-to-carry Firearms Outside of residence (PTCFORs) have been issued by the Chief PNP, Gen. Jesus Verzosa. Likewise, everyone should be made aware that the PNP is now charging  P700 for permits-to-transport (PTT), up from the usual P500 (P360 is the official fee). If you pay only the official fee of P360, you get a ONE DAY PTT valid only for ONE TRIP from your house to gun club and back. That's it.

Selective and Stricter issuances of Permits to Carry and Permits to Transport?

Now that the Comelec Election gun ban is over, we have word from our sources within the PNP that FED will now be "selective" in issuing Permits to Transport. Likewise the Chief PNP shall likewise become more "selective" and stricter in issuing Permits to Carry. An extended gun ban by another name?

Likewise, we understand that the "resolutions" that were "discussed and agreed upon" by the stakeholders who participated in the last Firearms Summit shall be used as a basis for implementation of these stricter rules. Of course what exactly what was "agreed" upon, if anything was actually "agreed" upon, is still subject to debate.

So what are these new rules? We don't know yet.

Gun ban: A kneejerk Reaction to Crime

In light of the so-called "road rage incidents" by Jason Ivler and Richard Ordonez, and the Ampatuan Massacre in Maguindanao, there have been the usual calls by the police and anti-gun groups to impose further restrictions on civilian firearms ownership and to impose gun bans as a means of curbing such violence. PROGUN being an anti-crime organization has always condemned such criminal acts. But is a gun ban the solution to such problems? Will the suspension of licensed civilians who have permits-to-carry outside of residence ("PTCFOR") solve these problems of crime on our streets?

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