PROGUN Gun ban toll

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The Final and Official Comelec Gun Ban Toll: 565 Killed, 359 wounded.

On the eve of the end of the COMELEC election Gun ban which began on 10 January and ends on 9 June 2010, the final and official PROGUN tally of shootings and/or gun violence during this period is: 565 people Killed and 359 wounded, for a total of 922 people shot. Our tally can be viewed here:

When PROGUN began this project several months ago, we set out to prove by empirical evidence once and for all, if the COMELEC Gun ban resulted in less crime and gun violence during the ban. Not knowing what the results should eventually show, we embarked on a simple count or tally of gun related violent incidents as reported in ordinary news channels.

The results that we got are quite disturbing. The statistics simply show that several hundred people are shot during election gun ban period, which are not reported by law enforcement.

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