President Aquino

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Kamusta na po Mr. President?

Minamahal naming Presidente Aquino,

Kamusta ang target shooting sa Antipolo? Kamusta yung PPSA competitions? Sarap noh? Mabuti pa kayo nakaka baril pa. Kami, mga pangkaraniwang bumabaril, hanggang himas-himas nalang kami ng baril namin. Mula nung nag-umpisa ang term ninyo, sunod-sunod po na regulasyon ni Chief PNP Verzosa, na lalong hinihigpit ang pag lisensya at pagdadal ng baril. Balang araw Mr. President, baka sumali kayo sa PPSA event tapos kayo nalang ang nandun sumipot. Wala na ibang shooter ang makarating.

Yung PNP Circular No. 08-2010 ni Gen Verzosa ay epektibong ibinalik ang batas militar sa Pilipinas. Kulang nalang sabihin, isauli namin yung mga licensed guns namin. Bakit? Dahil sa sobrang higpit na at hirap ng pag lilisenya at pagkuha ng permit-to-carry, wala na makapag renew ng license or permit-to-carry. Sa August 18, 2010 meron pang kasunod na pirmahan ang PNP ng mga mas lalong paghigpit sa mga pagmamay-ari at pagdala ng baril.

President NoyNoy Aquino shooting in All Glock Challenge

Gun Lovers celebrate Gun-loving Aquino

Gun lovers celebrate gun-loving Aquino

By Mynardo Macaraig
Agence France-Presse
First Posted 11:13:00 08/01/2010

Filed Under: Politics, Firearms

MANILA, Philippines—Standing amid an array of foreign assault rifles and local shotguns at one of the Philippines' largest shopping malls, firearms aficionados celebrated the rise of the nation's new president.

Benigno Aquino, who took office on June 30, is an avid sports shooter and clips on YouTube show him using a semi-automatic pistol with great skill at a target shooting competition.

An open letter to President NoyNoy Aquino

Dear President Aquino,

You stated in your innauguration speech that your government shall not be deaf to the complaints and sufferings of your people. Hence we, your ardent and loyal supporters in the gun community, wish to bring your attention our grievances and concerns.

Our opposition to the draconian anti-gun policies of Gen. Jesus Verzosa of the PNP have been well publicized over the past year. From the infamous HB No. 6776 Re: increasing the penalties for firearms offenses and the flawed "total gun ban" during the last elections, we have consistenly sided against such policies which we felt were anti-gun and anti-people.


Today, 30 June 2010, we usher in a new beginning for the Philippines. President Benigno "NoyNoy" Aquino shall be sworn in as President of the Philippines. He comes in amidst high expectations and hope that the corruption that has creeped back into our government and has diminished the gains that we had fought so hard for in EDSA 1, shall be reversed and the nation be set back on the right track. Human rights, Poverty, corruption, scandals, disrespect for the Constitution and the rule of law, are all issues which challenge the new President to bring about the needed reversal.

In short, in voting for NoyNoy Aquino, we voted for CHANGE.

President NoyNoy Aquino states on radio that he is against the gun ban

President-elect Noynoy Aquino was just interviewed on radio earlier today. He categorically stated that he was against the gun ban extension. He further stated that the gun ban affects only legitimate gun owners and not criminals who do not respect the ban. He also cited the numerous people who were killed during the gun ban which proves that the gun ban does not work.

We support the President-elect for his pro-gun stand, which is an accord with reason and logic. PROGUN has always been against the imposition of any type of gun ban, and we are glad that we finally have a President who shares the same views.

We salute and support you Mr. President! It only proves that our votes and suport for your campaign were not fruitless. Mabuhay kayo Noynoy!

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