Police protection

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Sandra Cam Refused Police Protection

Whistel blower Wilfredo "Boy" Mayor was shot dead by hit men while riding his car in Pasay last Sunday. He was known for his testimony in the Jueteng hearings before the Senate against Mike and Mikey Arroyo.

Now, co-whistle blower Sandra Cam, is asking for police protection. For some reason, the PNP will  not give her any protection. The Comelec says , "go through the usual procedure and make the request." By that time she will be dead.

I have said this so many times: WHERE ARE THE POLICE WHEN YOU NEED THEM? There are 125,000 sworn police officers in this country. I see hundreds of them walking around doing nothing in Camp Crame and elsewhere. How come Sandra cam, who has a legitimate need for protection, cannot be given any?

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