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An Open Letter to President Aquino: PNP rubber Stamp for Implementing Rules and Regulations for RA 10591?

Dear President Aquino,

News has just come out today that the Philippine National Police (PNP) is holding a "public hearing" on Thursday 15 August 2013 at 9am-5pm at Camp Crame for "public consultations" on their draft of the Implementing Rules and regulations (IRR), which had already been made and prepared, for the new Philippine Firearms Law Republic Act No. 10591. This apparently is a clear violation of what is provided in sec.44 of the law which states that the IRR shall be formulated AFTER public hearings and consultations with concerned sectors of society, viz:

The Problem with Changing of the Guard

The perennial problem with dealing with government agencies is that every time there i a change of administration, or a revamp or a reshuffle, the policies also change, oftentimes drastically. This latest problem of refusal of the PNP FED to issue permits to carry outside of reisdence or permits to transport which are only for a few days or event specific, highlights this recurring issue. A statement from the "desk of the president" of the PPSA blog was picked up which stated that as per their meetng with Chief PNP and other officials, no more PTTs were going to be issued for 3 months, as previously was the case. Instead, they would only be for a few days to a week at most. Likewise, there is talk that PTTs would now be 'merged" with the PTCFORs, if at all they would be allowed to be issued.

Police go House-to-House against Philippine Gun Owners

Since January 2013, the Philippine national Police have been implementing OPLAN KATOK ("Operation Knock on your door") by going house-to-house and knocking on the doors of licensed gun owners "reminding" them to renew expired gun licenses.

Intimidation is the hallmark of a police state. We feel that the same effect could have been accomplished by merely sending notices by mail or printing announcements in the newspapers regarding the need tor renew gun licensed that have expired. Rather, going house-to-house is a form of intimidation to cower and harass licensed gun owners to renew their gun licenses - or else. A poll among Philippine gun owners by PROGUN last month shows that the vast majority of licensed gun owners who have been visited by the police feel deeply concerned that Oplan Katok is a practice run leading to eventual gun confiscation. We have long been warned by our brother gun owners of the United States that gun registration is the basis for confiscation. It happened in the Philippines in 1972 when martial law was declared. Today in 2013, in spite of the presidency of the son of the former nemesis of dictator Ferdinand Marcos, history, in the form of the 1972 gun confiscation, may repeat itself.

PNP Revokes gun license of Motorist who assaulted MMDA traffic enforcer: Is this legal?

Can a firearms license be canceled by the PNP just simply because a criminal case was filed against you even if the case is unrelated to the alleged offense committed? This was anissue when I was sitting in the PNP national Firearms Control Committee in 2009. Several incidents were discussed such as the "nutty professor" of AMA who beat up and threatened a gas station boy and his IWB pistol was showing protruding from his back, and the Richard Ordonez and Cheryl Cosim incident in Proj 8. When i was asked for my opinion, my opinion then, as it is now, is that the mere filing of criminal charges against a person cannot result in the cancellation of his firearms licenses unless the firearm was itself used in the commission of the alleged crime and is considered as evidence.

House probe on PNP’s questionable P1B deal with private firm pushed


Philippine Star Reports investigation by Congress of Illegal PNP Gun Deal

House seeks probe on P1.1-billion PNP gun license deal 

Going Postal is now "GOING MENDOZA"

We now have a new term for running amuk in public and shooting people: "GOING MENDOZA".

Just as years ago the term "going postal" was coined after a series of disgruntled US postal workers who were dissatisfied with their pay and work benefits, went psycho and showed up at work with guns and started shooting people. Similarly, during the recent Manila hostage incident, Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza likewise armed himself, took hostage, and started shooting, on account of an administrative case against him which removed him from the service.

Philippine Hostage Rescue: A history of friendly fire casualties

To those who are familiar with Philippine hostage rescue attempts in the last 10 years, the Quirino Grandstand Hostage incident should not have come as a surprise. Three previous well-publicized incidents clearly show the lack of capability of our military and police to execute a surgical hostage rescue operation.

Is There Really a Need for the Proposed Elite Strike Force?


Is There Really a Need for the Proposed Elite Strike Force?

by Jose Antonio Custodio 

[This is a guest article by a defense analyst]


Following the failed Manila Hostage rescue incident, we see with great disappointment and frustration at  how everyone who was involved in the incident are now washing their hands of responsibility. Our generals, politicians, and officials are all in a STATE OF DENIAL as to who should take the blame.

Who really is to blame for this fiasco?

We recall in early 1994 a similar failed rescue incident. Kidnappers had just snatched their victim and were reported to be travelling North from Batangas City. A blocking operation was set-up by the PNP detachment in Lipa City. However instead of freeing the kidnap victims, the PNP detachment officers fired a fusillade of automatic gunfire at the kidnappers' vehicle killing all the kidnappers, the hostages, and a few other travelers.

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