oplan katok

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Police go House-to-House against Philippine Gun Owners

Since January 2013, the Philippine national Police have been implementing OPLAN KATOK ("Operation Knock on your door") by going house-to-house and knocking on the doors of licensed gun owners "reminding" them to renew expired gun licenses.

Intimidation is the hallmark of a police state. We feel that the same effect could have been accomplished by merely sending notices by mail or printing announcements in the newspapers regarding the need tor renew gun licensed that have expired. Rather, going house-to-house is a form of intimidation to cower and harass licensed gun owners to renew their gun licenses - or else. A poll among Philippine gun owners by PROGUN last month shows that the vast majority of licensed gun owners who have been visited by the police feel deeply concerned that Oplan Katok is a practice run leading to eventual gun confiscation. We have long been warned by our brother gun owners of the United States that gun registration is the basis for confiscation. It happened in the Philippines in 1972 when martial law was declared. Today in 2013, in spite of the presidency of the son of the former nemesis of dictator Ferdinand Marcos, history, in the form of the 1972 gun confiscation, may repeat itself.

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