Norway Shootings

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PROGUN Statement on the Norway Killings


The Peaceful Responsible Owners of Guns (PROGUN) condemns in the strongest possible terms the mass shooting committed by a purportedly deranged gunman at a youth camp at Norway. Police investigations indicate that the same suspected gunman may be responsible for the bombing of the Oslo government offices the other day, likewise killing scores of people. We send our condolences and sympathies to the victims and the people of Norway.

While the victims deserve our utmost sympathy and condolence, we likewise realize on a practical level that criminals will always be with us and will always commit crimes and prey upon innocent and helpless victims, in every country in the world, and using whatever means possible to commit crimes. Human nature being what it is, there will always be those who are born or raised to be deranged, mentally imbalanced, sociopaths, and bent on inflicting harm on others. Criminality and lawlessness is a fact of life which can strike in even in those places and countries which claim to be the most peaceful and crime free countries in the world. Neither the reputed efficiency of the Norwegian police or the reputed "crime free" environment of Norway prevented such a tragedy from happening.

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