Norway shooting

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PROGUN Reply to Philippine Star: "Strict Gun Control can prevent a Norway incident."

Today an article appeared in the Philippine Star citing the Deputy Chief of Operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Gen. Jose Mabanta Jr., who stated that strict gun control can thwart a similar incident. Article is here:

Our Reply:

Dear Gen. Mabanta,

Deranged Norwegian Gunman kills 80 at youth camp.

(OSLO, Norway) — A Norwegian who dressed as a police officer to gun down summer campers killed at least 80 people at an island retreat, horrified police said early Saturday. It took investigators several hours to begin the realize the full scope of Friday's massacre, which followed an explosion in nearby Oslo that killed seven and that police say was set off by the same suspect.

The mass shootings are among the worst in history. With the blast outside the prime minister's office, they formed the deadliest day of terror in Western Europe since the 2004 Madrid train bombings killed 191.

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