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Is Ownership of a Gun Immoral?

Everytime there is a shooting, the mainstream press and Anti-Gunners frequently remind the public that guns are "evil". People who possess guns are referred to as "unstable" or "homicidal maniacs". As a consequence, these people would want to embarrass you into thinking that the possession of guns is wrong.


Is possession of a gun immoral?


First, a gun is an inanimate object. It has no brain, feelings, emotions or sense of morality. It cannot determine what is right or wrong. A favorite example I use is to place loaded pistol in front and stare at it. Even if we stare at this pistol for the next 30 years, the pistol will not fire, without human intervention. Rather it is the HUMAN HAND and BRAIN which causes a gun to fire and hit what it's aimed at BY THE HUMAN USER. Consequently, mere possession of a gun - without doing anything else with it - cannot possibly result in anything "evil".


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