Mon Tulfo

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Mon Tulfo Speaks out Against the Gun Ban

Responsible gun owners blameless
By Ramon Tulfo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:14:00 06/02/2010

Filed Under: Security (general), Police

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine National Police (PNP) is proposing a permanent total gun ban because, it says, there was a dramatic decrease of firearm-related crimes during the election period as a result of the ban.

The PNP is mistaking the trees for the forest.

It’s not the gun ban, but the sight of uniformed cops and soldiers in many parts of the country that deterred crime.

Criminal minds, whose guns are unlicensed, couldn’t bring their guns for fear of being caught in police-military checkpoints and by uniformed cops and soldiers who are present in practically every corner.

And you know why there are many uniformed cops and soldiers? They are not patrolling the streets but guarding politicians and VIPs!

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