Memorandum receipts

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On Mission Orders and Memorandum Receipts

This is to answer the questions we have been getting regarding Mission Orders and memorandum Receipts (MR) being issued to civilians.

A memorandum Receipt is a record of government ownership of a firearm. It is similar to a license except that in such case the government is the owner. An MR can be validly issued only if the firearm is government property.

A Mission Order is an authority from a government agency to carry a firearm in pursuance of a specific mission or task on behalf of the agency. This authority is usually derived from the law or organic Act creating the agency. MOs are usually issued to agents or employees of the specific agency. However, sometimes, the agency has so-called "civilian agents" or "intelligence agents" who are not per se employees of the agency but who are deemed as "assets" or close associations of the agency. Thus, the NBI has it's "Confidential Agents" and ISAF has its "civilian" or "intelligence" agents.

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