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Pro-firearms supporters hijack the Obama Administration's social media campaign

The Obama Administration today launched their #NowIsTheTime social media campaign. The idea is for supporters to 'carpet bomb' Twitter and Facebook with posts pushing for gun control.

Well, it seems to have backfired. Not too long after going live, the #NowIsTheTime hashtag on Twitter started showing more pro second-amendment tweets than those calling for gun control. Interestingly enough, the Twitter Top search, which tend to show Tweets from famous names and celebrities, are mostly in support of the Obama Administration. Obviously there is a disparity in views between the common person and the elite. It is a telling parallel with real life, where those who are more privileged tend to also support gun control.

Let's help out our pro-firearms colleagues in America. They are in the front line and whatever passes in the US will eventually affect us in the Philippines. It you have Twitter, post the hashtag #NowIsTheTime along with a pro gun message.

Is the Media a problem in Hostage rescue?

The Philippine Media is currently under fire for its live coverage of the Manila Hostage Incident. However, consider these two very famous hostage rescue incidents which had live media and press coverage and still the hostage rescuers got the job done.

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