Mayor Custodio

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Mayor Darlene Custodio declares Gen San City as a Gun Free Zone

GENERAL SANTOS CITY—Alarmed by the upsurge in summary killings, which have been gripping the city since last month, Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio on Friday issued an executive order declaring the city a no-firearm zone.

In her order, Custodio noted the prevalence of gun-related killings, which, according to her, “has already reached an alarming level.”

Last month, the police said 17 persons had died from gun and bladed weapons attacks by still unidentified suspects.

Some of the victims were suspected criminals, while the others were locked in disputes, the police said.

In regulating guns in the city, Custodio said only on-duty law enforcers and private security personnel would be allowed to carry firearms.

She said she had asked the local police and military units to make a report on private individuals issued with corresponding patrol order (PO) and mission orders (MO) for assessment.

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