Legal defense

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PROGUN Legal defense Team?

Due to the increasing number of anti-gun measures being issued, it may be high time for us to form legal defense teams to file law suits and question these unlawful issuances in court. I have been reading carefully all these recent anti-gun measures - a lot of which are outrightly illegal and unconstitutional - and I feel that the public is being shortchanged and our fundamental rights are being trampled upon by the powers that be.

Legal action must also complement our political lobbying. Lobbying and media exposure can only take us so far, if people in power refuse to listen to our pleas or if they are downright dictatatorial and do not care about the will of the people. "KAPAL MUKHA" is the term that can describe our policy makers on firearms, and it would seem that they would stop at nothing to enforce their personal and foreign-supported anti-gun policies.

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