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Pro-firearms supporters hijack the Obama Administration's social media campaign

The Obama Administration today launched their #NowIsTheTime social media campaign. The idea is for supporters to 'carpet bomb' Twitter and Facebook with posts pushing for gun control.

Well, it seems to have backfired. Not too long after going live, the #NowIsTheTime hashtag on Twitter started showing more pro second-amendment tweets than those calling for gun control. Interestingly enough, the Twitter Top search, which tend to show Tweets from famous names and celebrities, are mostly in support of the Obama Administration. Obviously there is a disparity in views between the common person and the elite. It is a telling parallel with real life, where those who are more privileged tend to also support gun control.

Let's help out our pro-firearms colleagues in America. They are in the front line and whatever passes in the US will eventually affect us in the Philippines. It you have Twitter, post the hashtag #NowIsTheTime along with a pro gun message.

Indian high court rules that citizens entitled to firearms for self-defence

It seems that the Indian pro-firearms movement is gaining ground. While there may be problems when it comes to official red-tape for license processing and ammunition purchasing, at least they are moving forward when it comes to securing their freedoms.

Let us hope that we in the Philippines do not continue moving backwards.

Read more: Can't deny gun licence citing law & order: HC.

Unregistered firearms do not have to be loose firearms

Examining the false concepts behind loose firearms and why registration doesn't reduce gun crime.

When discussing matters of policy, it's important to define our terms because cloudy thinking can lead to misunderstanding or even outright deceit. Gun control advocates in particular like to use sneaky tactics: they tend to make assertions and then use the grey area of confusion to make their point.

Let's take the concept of 'loose firearms'. For most people, the term is just shorthand for 'guns that are in some way illegal and used by bad guys'. People also tend to talk about loose firearms and unregistered firearms while using the two interchangeably. A gun control advocate may say that if each firearm is not registered to the individual, the number of loose (or 'bad-guy' owned) firearms would increase. This is an example of using an imprecise label to make a point that, upon examination, is flat-out wrong.

Who's setting an example?

The GMA News.TV website today reported on the arrest of businessman Celso de los Angeles. The accompanying photo caption showed him being escorted by 'a cop'. So, what is wrong with this picture?

PNP with pistol in mexican carry style

I'm sure most of you spotted the problem immediately, but for those who are unsure, I will just quote this article in the Manila Bulletin, published July 16, 2009:

Gang violence and an unstoppable gun culture

Last Wednesday, a 16-year-old girl was shot in the neck as she stood with her friends in a restaurant. She was rushed to hospital but died of her injuries. Closed-circuit-TV cameras recorded the incident and revealed that the perpetrators were two youths riding bicycles. A few days after, wild gunfire between rival gangs erupted in the neighbourhood.

With so much firearms-related violence, you might think that it is time, once and for all, to call for a total and permanent gun ban in the country. The problem is that the country where this happened is the UK, whose gun-control laws are among the world's strictest. It also has one of the most professional, well-trained and best-equipped police forces.

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