James Holmes

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PROGUN Statement on the Aurora Colorado Shooting incident

The Peaceful Responsible Owners of Guns (PROGUN) condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack on innocent movie goers at Aurora Colorado by a deranged gunman. We condole and sympathize with the victims of this henious crime.

This was clearly an act of a madman since no person in his sane mind would do such an act. In this sense insane and unstable people will always act in an insane and unstable manner, regardless if they get hold of a kniffe, a car, a bomb, of in this case a gun. So the root cause of the problem is really social, moral, educational, and a criminal justice and law enforcement issue. That is why in PROGUN we do our part to EDUCATE gun owners in the proper ethical, and responsible use of firearms. We also support legal firearms sales only to qualified persons with no mental instability or criminal history. Consequently, even if we do get these isolated tragic shooting incidents periodically, our track record of policing our own ranks among gun owners here in the Philippines is very good to excellent: less than 1% of all crimes involving firearms in the Philippines involve licensed firearms, as per the statistics of the Philippine National Police. Most importantly in its 32 years of existence since 1990, no PROGUN member has ever been found to have miused or abused a firearm in any untoward incident. 

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